Monday, 27 August 2007

Tea with Bec

Last night we had a girls night out planned (I typed this on Monday night - hoping that I could put it up on Tues, but can't work out how to actually post it so it shows up with Tues date! Oh well). Pip, Bec and I had planned on going out for tea. We hadn't been out without any kids since Oliver was born (he is now 4 months), so the plan was that Pip was going to feed Oliver and then leave him with Ben, and come out for tea.

We have two favourite places that we usually go to - either The Prickly Cactus (Mexican) or Suwan (Thai). Pip and Bec love going to Mexican to have nachos and every time we go they complain that they have eaten too much and feel sick. I always remind them that it makes them feel sick as I LOVE the Thai restuarant. I also like Mexican but not half as much as Thai. Last night after a couple of phone calls we decided that Thai was the go this time (yay!).

Usually Pip comes and picks us up and we all go together (driving with Pip is a whole other story!!), but we thought that we would meet at the restaurant this time as it would save time since we knew Pip wouldn't get in till late. I arrived first and a couple of minutes later Bec turned up. Just as she walked in, my mobile phone rang and it was Ben telling me that Pip couldn't come in. I really thought that he was joking (as Ben always does!) but realised that he was actually serious. Pip had been trying to feed Oliver all night and he just wouldn't feed. It had been 7 hours since his last feed and she was getting very frustrated with him. She didn't want to leave him at home in case he went to sleep and then woke up needing a feed while she was out. While we were on the phone she kept threatening Oliver that he was going on the bottle! She was very disappointed that it didn't work out.

So it turns out it was just Bec and I for tea. We had a lovely tea and it was nice to catch up. We both LOVE the spring rolls so we usually don't even have to look at the menu to know what we want, but we thought we would both try something different for main course. I got a really yummy mixed seafood stir fry and Bec got stir fry prawns and vegies. Usually I end up getting the sir fry chicken and cashew nuts and Bec gets a curry. Pip and Ben kept texting us throughout the night saying Pip was wishing she was there eating the coconut rice. We told her not to stress and that we will do an afternoon tea or lunch in the school holidays so she can bring Oliver and not be worried.

We talked a lot about how babies and children change your lives. I know when I was pregnant with Jay I didn't realise how different things would be with kids. I wouldn't change it for anything but your life is definitely not your own anymore. Of course I don't say this to scare Bec - especially as she is now 14 weeks pregnant and I'm allowed to spill the beans finally!!! We are really excited for Bec and Tone.

Bec was supposed to look sad in this photo because Pip wasn't able to come out for tea with us, but we still had a nice night. We are excited as we both decided to take an Adult Ed course together in October about how to use our digital SLR cameras. We both have great cameras but really don't know how to use them properly so we have both just enrolled online tonight in the Adult Ed course. Look out - I will really be the papparrazzi then!! :)

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