Sunday, 26 August 2007

The place to be

Ok - I'm getting a bit nervous about this blog thing now! Today I started to realise how many people actually read this thing and I am now worried - I think I have to start putting up some exciting things on here! Unfortunately nothing really exciting happens in the King house - unless you call changing nappies, and getting feeds and meds exciting! One day we may surprise you all and go travelling around the world or something exciting like that (we will keep dreaming!), but for now you have just got the boring everyday stuff.

Today was stake conference. It was so great to see Pop out of hospital and at church. I went and sat with him for a little while and he told me how happy he was to be out of hospital and he said that two and half months of staring at the four walls of the hospital room was long enough. He told me he was doing 'pretty good' and said he is just having trouble getting around and also isn't eating very much except for soup.

I joked with him that he needed a wheelchair and tears welled up in his eyes and he agreed and said he was 'holding out as long as possible'. We talked about how its sad to get old and he said that it has to happen to everyone and that he is now 86 and has had a good life, and I said to him that it is still sad when you can't do the thing that you want to do - he smiled and agreed. I told him that he could have races with Noah if he ended up getting a wheelchair and he thought that was funny.

I got this great photo of Dad with Pop after church.

After church we all went to the Bluff for a picnic lunch. It looks like a nice day - it was sunny, but actually very windy and quite cold.

Seems like the Bluff was the place to be as there were lots of others from church having lunch there also.

The extended Chayne Triffitt family

Dion, Kaye and kids

My gym buddy - Simone and Simon

Collettie and Merilyn

Tammy and Jason

The Polleys and the Rogers

Of course everyone joked about me being the papparrazzi again! I said that I have to get my moneys worth from my new camera! Felicity just knew I would be snapping photos :)

The boys had lots of fun playing. Jalen kept asking if he could go swimming. He finally agreed that just having a walk along the beach was good enough.

Noah isn't feeling very well or happy today. He slept the whole time we were at the Bluff and tonight he has been yelling a lot. Hopefully it isn't going to last all week. Wish we could figure out what is causing it for sure - we think it is his sinuses. We have an appointment to see an ENT but can't get into him till the 1st November.

It has been a really big weekend. Harri usually has a sleep most afternoons, but hasn't over the past two days, so he was zonked on the way home.


  1. we love reading your blog marge it is great for us up here to know what your all up to down in tassie, just quietly i think stephannie getting addicted to bloging.
    It looks like it was nice to be all together at the bluff

  2. dont you change a thing lisa!!!!! I LOVE your blog.... here all the time! Its so cool to see Tassie people, friends I know!


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