Monday, 27 August 2007

St Giles

In the paper on Saturday there was a two page article about St Giles. This year is their 70th birthday and The Examiner is running an appeal - hoping to raise up to $50,000. Noah goes to St Giles for all of his therapies - speech, physio and occupational therapy.

Noah's aide was sick today and we couldn't get a relief aide who was confident enough with him so I kept him home. We actually had an appointment in the afternoon at St Giles to see a specialist from Hobart, so it saved me having to pick him up from school.

It was such a nice day (almost broke out the short sleeve t-shirt!) that I thought it would be easier to just walk than to load the wheelchair in and out of the van. We are lucky that we don't live very far from St Giles. It was a big mistake to walk. Harri moaned all the way and walked so slow. He insisted on walking with his blankie and in the end I got sick of all the moaning and put him up in the wheelchair with Noah! Lucky the seat is big enough for him to sit between his legs. I don't think Noah could figure out what was going on!

While I was talking to the Dr I realised that Harri had gotten really quiet. I looked down at him and he had fallen asleep on the floor! The weekend is definately catching up with him. Noah's physio asked me if I had a camera on my phone and I told her I actually bought my camera with me as I wanted some photos of Noah out the front of St Giles. Great timing to have my camera with me!

We were hoping to talk the specialist into doing some more botox in Noah's calves but he didn't go for it. He has already had it once. He has to really justify spending $400 per injection and couldn't really justify it for the second time - bummer. He is very concerned about the scoliosis that Noah is developing though. It scares me whenever I see the curve in his spine, but as he said - there is not much else that we can do about it. We are already doing things to slow it down as much as possible, but unfortunately for kids like Noah is is very common. Hopefully he won't get to the point where he will need an operation on it.

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