Sunday, 5 August 2007

Tea at the Stancombe's

Tonight we had tea at Jim and Kristen's. We were very privileged to be their first dinner guests since they have moved into their new home, which is very nice. Noah had a VERY grumpy day today - wasn't feeling very well at all and yelled all day long - it was a long and tiring afternoon with him. While we were there though he settled down, and actually started to smile a bit which was nice.

Jim and Kristen had cooked a beautiful meal - Chinese. The boys filled up on potato chips and spring rolls first and only ate a couple of mouthfuls of maincourse and then went to dessert. They were very impressed with their dessert.

Kristen thought she was doing the right thing by buying fizzy cordial with no preservatives or added colour but the boys were still hyped! She thought it was the drink, but they were just very excited and Jim wrestling them (just before bed!) didn't help the situation! We all went deaf with Jalen's squealing. We will have to go around once their baby is born and rev her up just before bedtime as well! :)

It was a really nice night -it was great to catch up with them both. Even though we are at church together we never get time to just sit and chat, as we are all so busy on Sunday. Aaron and Jim both had their Hawthorn tops on and talked footy all night of course. They were both very happy with Hawthorn's win today.

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