Saturday, 18 August 2007

Grumpy Noah

Noah has been grumpy over the last couple of weeks - on and off - until 4am this morning and it was definately full on! Noah woke up screaming and hasn't stopped since. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems like he has a headache. He has had sinusitis on and off for a while, so I am assuming that is has flared up again. The screaming went on constantly this morning for about three hours and after trying panadol and neurofen I gave up trying to work it out and made an appointment to see the after hours GP. I did a urine test as well, just to make sure and that was also clear. The Dr was very impressed with that! :) He couldn't find anything wrong such as ears, chest or throat and agreed that it is most likely sinusitis again and gave us a script for antibiotics. Everything always seems to happen when Aaron is away!

We had to go into town to get his antibiotics so I thought that since we were all out we may as well stay out and enjoy the sun. The weather has been so nice today - lots of sun and very warm - I almost took my jumper off! :) I figured Noah could either yell at home, or yell at the park and I would rather get some fresh air and let the boys have a run around for a while than stay home listening to the yelling. He did settle down a little bit while we were there, but most of the time he just kept yelling.

We had a really nice time in the end - despite the yelling. There is an AFL match on tomorrow in Launceston, so City Park was packed with tourists (I saw lots carrying maps around) as well as people who just came out from the Uni graduation ceremony at the Albert Hall.

The boys went for a ride on the train and we then ran into Simon with Sarra, Hallie and Oliver. Lucky Simone was home having a morning to herself. We would usually be at the gym together this morning doing Pump but I couldn't go with Aaron away as I don't like putting Noah into the child care there - and wouldn't anyway with the mood he is in.

The boys ended up spending more time looking at the monkeys, flowers, gardens and didn't spend very much time actually playing. By the time we got to the playground Noah had enough anyway.

Aaron is having lots of fun in Melbourne but feeling bad about being away when Noah isn't happy. I told him to just enjoy it and not stress. After we got in the van after the park I asked the boys if they had fun. They said they did and I said 'see - we don't need Daddy to have fun!' and when Aaron rang not long ago Jay goes to Aaron 'Mum said that we don't need you anymore Dad!'.


  1. I hope Noah is feeling better soon. I love that photo of Harri by the tree

  2. Noah bubba, I hope you are feeling much better soon. Lisa, Christian and I have both had sinus trouble for the last 4 weeks.



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