Friday, 24 August 2007

Book Week

This week is Children's Book Week in Australia, so at school they are celebrating it with different activities. Most classes have made hats to do with books. Jalen made a hat with Pokemons on it and Noah's class worked with their book buddies to make hats. Noah and his 'book buddy' - Alex made a Wiggles hat.

On Wednesday when I saw Noah with his Wiggles hat, Di told me that he had made it with his buddy. When the bell went an older boy came running into Noah's class to see him and gave him a little rub on his leg and said 'Bye Noah'. I asked him his name (I always like to find out the kids who are really kind to Noah) and he said he was Alex - Noah's book buddy. Noah's teacher said that Alex was so lovely with Noah - really caring. It is so nice to hear how kids treat him at school.

Today the assembly at school was to share all the hats each class had made. Jalen was one of the lucky 5 that got to talk about their hats from his class. When he talked about his hat he said that he drew Pichachu and something else on his hat (I have NO idea about Pokemon - can you tell!?) and Harri yells out really loud - 'Jay Jay talking about Pokemon'! Everyone cracked up laughing.

Noah' s class then shared their hats and his book buddy Alex, was one of the kids chosen to talk about the hat that they made. Noah looked so cool - he looked like an American Indian!

Noah and his 'book buddy' - Alex

At the end of each assembly they give out merit certificates - usually about two from each class. It was a great time to be at assembly as Noah got a certificate today! When they called his name out there was a big 'awwww' from the crowd - like everyone was so happy that he got one. The certificate was for 'learning to focus and turning his head to look around him'.

Di took him up to get it and he actually had a little smile which was cute.

He was very proudly showing it off later on, with a big smile on his face.

He is not really asleep - just a bit bright outside in the sun for him.


  1. Such a big boy niow!! Well done Noah - Love the Hat!!

  2. What a wonderful assembly moment...


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