Sunday, 12 August 2007

Trip to the Farm

My friend Bec has a little niece - Bella. She is 4 and very cute. Whenever she comes to stay at Bec's she often comes around for a play. The first time that she came to visit, she was very interested in Noah and wanted to know why he couldn't walk. I tried to explain it to her and told her that his brain doesn't work very well because he has a little brain. She later when home and told her Mum- Louise, that Noah couldn't walk because he had little ankles :)

Ever since she first met Noah, she has supposedly talked about him a lot. She often asks her Mum questions about him and not long ago Louise also came to visit with Bec and Bella, to meet Noah. Bella had been asking Lou for a while if Noah could come to visit her on their farm. They have a dairy farm and it is calving season at the moment, so Louise invited us to come up for a visit to see all the new calves.

Supposedly Bella was VERY excited about Noah coming to her house. She had been counting down the days all week and last night she got all her special clothes out that she was going to wear for the visit! She had a lot of questions about him - How was he going to travel in the car to their farm? How was he going to see the calves? What if his wheelchair got dirty?....

We met Bec, Kate and Sophie in Devonport so that we could follow them out to the farm which was at Gunns Plains - just out of Ulverstone. Lucky we followed them as we would have gotten lost for sure! It was way out in the bush, but it was SO beautiful out there. All the way out I kept commenting on the scenery. With the recent rain, everything was so green and it was nice to see all the dams full again (I sound like an old farmer now, hey!?).

Their farm was absolutely beautiful. All together Lou and Simon have 400 acres. Their house has had an extension put on and it is so beautiful - the view from their lounge room and deck is amazing - the river flows right next to their house and you can see it from the lounge room. At one stage I thought it was raining, but it was the noise of the river flowing. We commented that it felt like we were at a resort! Aaron even said he could handle living there - but only if town was 5 mins away! Aaron doesn't do the country very well :)

When we first got there Bella was very excited but shy. It took her a little while to warm up, but after a while she was all over Noah. She had made him a beautiful picture and card and when she gave it to him Lou said that Noah responded with a smile which was nice.

Just after we got there Simon came into the house, saying that a cow was about to give birth to a calf, so we all rushed out to watch. Simon had to give her a hand to deliver and we all watched in amazement. Jalen was very excited and kept saying 'awesome'! I think the consensus was that the calf was going to be named 'Kevin'. Who knows how we decided on that!

Harrison wasn't at all fussed by the excitement of the calf being born, but was a lot more interested in the dogs the whole time! He kept wanting the dogs to follow us and would get very upset if they didn't come.

Washing all the mud off Noah's wheels

After a lovely lunch we relaxed inside for a while and enjoyed the view. Bella's little brother Will was also very interested in Noah and was patting him and giving him lots of kisses which was cute.

We then went outside and Lou gave the boys a ride on the four wheeler. She said the whole time Jalen kept yelling 'awesome'! She then let Aaron loose on the bike! Talk about scary :)

Just before we left Simon came out from milking to feed the calves. The boys loved seeing them have a feed. They also had a little play on the tractor.

The biggest surprise of the day was that Jalen loved it so much and Harri freaked out about getting dirty. Harri hated having his gumboots and hands dirty! He kept having to wash them in the water. Jay would have stayed all night if we let him! He said he would like to live on a farm, but it would mean that he couldn't go to Punchbowl Primary anymore, so he wouldn't want to move.

On the way home we called in and surprised Nicki and Alex. They had no idea what we were doing in Ulverstone. It was funny seeing the surprised look on their faces.


  1. Wow - What a Beautiful farm! Looks like you guys had a blast! So impressed by Jay loving it all!! You took some beautiful pics Lisa!! We will have to get you top take some good pics of Kels!
    Love Becxxx

  2. I cannot imagine a calf being born and those contraptions he used to get it out... ouch. I agree with Becky, you take some awesome pics. Another talent there too.

  3. COOL! Can Mason come with you next time?

  4. Made me remember growing up and working on the farm, though there were a few times we had to use the four wheeler to pull the calves out, oh the joys.

    looks like you all had fun for city slickers


  5. Cant beleive you went to vist Louise Jones...I went to Interior Design with her ...she is so cool and such a live was so good to see her and her your pics...just love that she awesome or what????? tell her hello from me it seems so long ago ...we must be up for a reunion soon????
    Annette C

  6. What AMAZING photos lisa. Looks like you all had a ball.



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