Saturday, 11 August 2007

Enjoying the sun

After about 4 days of lots of rain and gale force winds we were very happy that the sun actually came out today. We were out in the backyard enjoying the sun when we decided that the day was too nice to waste, and jumped in the van to go for a quick play at Punchbowl.

The sun didn't stay out for long and it got cold very fast once it went, but the boys still had fun.

As usual Harri refused to wear a jumper, even though it got quite cold. After threats of taking him home, he finally agreed to put it on. He has had a really bad cold all week and had a huge coughing fit half way down the slide and came out with tears streaming down his face from coughing so much :(

Harri kept begging us to go over to feed the ducks. I had brought some bread with as I knew they would want to feed the ducks, and gave Jay and Harri half a piece each to break into small pieces. Within about a second Harri's whole piece was in the water! Some lucky duck (literally!) got the whole piece. He then cried the rest of the time because he didn't have any more bread to throw! The dramas of a two year old :)

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  1. love that you took a picture of the "whole piece of bread"!!!!
    Glad it's warming up for ya! I will never complain about Tassie winters after the winters here...
    Love Chels


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