Friday, 6 April 2012

The first Easter without them

I wish this cute little bunny was here this Easter to celebrate with us.

It was always going to be our first Easter without Noah.   Instead it's our first Easter without Noah AND Aaron.  That's just crazy! It was hard having a first Christmas without Noah, but to have a first Easter without the two of them at the same time, just isn't right. 

Hopefully the boys excitement will rub off on all of us.  They are excited and Harri is even asking if Easter Bunny will visit Noah at the cemetery.  I've let Easter Bunny know that he needs to make a visit there, as Noah isn't here anymore.  I hope he does, or we will have a very sad boy.


  1. the list of firsts is daunting :(

    I'm sure the easter bunny will be there with bells on :) don't eat too much chocccy.

  2. I love that Harri is looking out for his brother.


  3. I agree with you Lisa, it really is crazy that both Noah and Aaron will not be there with you this Easter :( Sending lots of hugs your way..


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