Monday, 23 April 2012

Best Christmas Present Ever

I'm not usually one to share something so personal (I know it seems like my life is out there to the whole world, but really there is so much I never share on my blog) but the reason that I started this blog and am continuing it now is because it's our family journal, which is why I am sharing this.

I was going through some old inbox messages last night (Erin - if you are reading this - did you see that word 'inbox'?!...bit of an inside joke :) and found lots of old messages between Aaron and me.  He would often send me messages if he was on a break at school, or sometimes just randomly I would get a message from him and it would always make me laugh, as it was often just in the other room or even in the same room when he typed it.

Aaron told me many, many times a day that he loved me. Over the 17 years that we were together I'm sure he told me at least once a day that he loved me - sometimes many times.  I always told him too, but Aaron had a thing where he had to tell me many times a day - either face to face, in a message or by sending me a text.  I probably took it for granted, and of course now I wish that I told him that I loved him more.

Last night when going through some old messages I found this one that he sent me on Facebook last Christmas day.  It is pretty much exactly what he told me the day before he died as we were driving to St Helens.

I'm so grateful that he was able to give me the best Christmas present ever, even though I didn't realise it at the time.  I feel so lucky that I will always have this to read, and that the boys will always have it to remind them what an awesome Dad and husband he was.


  1. Wow, powerful Lisa xxxx

  2. Isn't modern technology wonderful and even more especially in this case. That is really special Lisa and I am so happy for you that you will have it to read whenever you want to. What did we ever do without mobile phones.

  3. Lisa,
    You are an inspiration to many. I love reading your blog every day and look forward to seeing cute pictures of your boys. You are one strong cookie and I hope nothing for the best for all of you. Keep up the good fight and cherish all those great messages.

    From a faraway-blog admirer
    Mrs. B.

  4. It's so nice to have this message for the rest of your life. You deserve it, I think you're a wonderful wife and mother. Wish you al lot of love.
    Dineke(from Holland)

  5. How wonderful to have that note now and forever.

  6. That is a beautiful note and something for you to always treasure. The perfect Christmas gift.

  7. The best present is definitely the gift of feeling loved. He certainly seemed to give that gift each day, and continues to do so. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I always make fun of my dad for telling us(his children) how much he loves our mom. I tell him he's being corny and embarrassing but I can't imagine anything better than always knowing that your parents adored each other. You are a lucky woman and I think about you and your boys often. Much love to you in Australia!

  9. that message is beautiful lisa... an example of your strong relationship and very special for the boys to read as they grow older x


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