Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alum Cliffs

On Saturday we were still at Mum and Dad's and thought it would be nice to get out and about. We considered doing the annual Liffey Falls walk, but Jared suggested that Alum Cliffs was an easy walk for the kids, with beautiful scenery. I hadn't been there before, so we we decided to go there instead.  It was nice that it wasn't far from Mum and Dad's house too.

Right at the beginning of the walk is a big wooden structure which the boys loved walking along.

Chrish tried to get prime position for some good shots.

It was a lovely walk which was pretty easy - just a couple of short hills to get up, but pretty bush the whole way in.

After about twenty minutes, this was the incredible view!

We stayed at the lookout for about half an hour and couldn't believe it when Simon and Simone arrived at the top!! They had no idea we were going there, and we didn't know they were either. We were sure they must've been stalking us!

Kobe loves the idea of a bush walk, until it comes to the actual walking part. On the way back all he kept yelling was 'carry me, carry me!', so I gave in and piggy backed him all the way back. It's lucky it was a short walk. You can tell I'm impressed! ;)

All the kids had fun playing on the structure again before we headed back to the car park. This photo makes me laugh as you can see Simon, Simone and Chrish all taking photos or video of the kids. You can NEVER have too many photos or video - I have learnt that over the last six months!

We went into Deloraine before heading home. These two made me laugh when I told them to go and stand in front of the river for a photo. Kobe wasn't keen, until Jalen decided to pull some silly poses for me, and then he thought it would be cool to pose as well.

It's nice to know that he has such a good big brother to look up to.


  1. So beautiful! Fabulous chronicling of life's events. You'll never regret it!

  2. Cool photos and the view is just totally stunning. Are Heavenly Father's creations truly amazing. I agree you can never have too many photos.

  3. Just plain gorgeous views up there!


  4. how funny S and S turned up! Cool! Will have to go there, it looks gorgeous. We did snug falls on the weekend which was good too.

  5. great photos :) I love allum cliffs, nice walk and nice view :)

  6. Great pictures, and the scenery at the top is beautiful! Glad you all had a fun time.

  7. I am pretty sure SImone IS stalking you. Just saying.

  8. Looks like a nice walk! Might have to do it next time I'm up that way! Very funny that Simone and co turned up lol!!! You have such a great family Lisa! So nice that you all enjoy being together!


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