Friday, 13 April 2012

Harri and Jay Jay, and Me and Mummy

Kobe loves playing with my iPhone, and once I get it back I find so many photos or videos that he has made of himself.  The other day I found this very cute video of him singing.

The first thing he says is 'Bobby Jonez in the house tonight' which is Jalen's alter ego. Kobe LOVES it when Jalen decides to be Bobby Jonez and make videos, so he is always singing about him. 

I felt sad when I heard what he says at the end as he only mentions Harri, Jay, my and himself. It's amazing how quickly he realises how different our family is.  Aaron and Noah of course are always going to be a part of our family, but it's just not the same when everyone isn't together, and Kobe obviously knows that too.


  1. Sweet boy...adaptation is a wonderful thing :)

  2. no kidding,,,,,he is the cutest kid in australia

  3. It's sad for sure, but also a sign that he is making necessary adjustments.

    Bittersweet stuff.



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