Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Monday

On Easter Monday it ended up being a mild sunny autumn day, and with Chrish down from Sydney we wanted to do as much as we could together and decided to all go to Hawley beach for a play in the sun.

Even though it wasn't exactly swimming weather it was quite a nice day, and was so lovely to just sit and soak up some vitamin D.  I always find the beach so therapeutic.

My crazy boys didn't care that the water was freezing (they are just like Aaron in that way! :) and all wanted to get their bathers on and have a splash in the water.

Ty and Cade joined us on the beach for a while for a kick of the footy. It was so nice to see Cade as he had been away for two years away in Japan on his mission for our church, and has been back for a month or so.  After Aaron passed away he sent me a lovely letter and it meant so much to hear from him.

The boys had a beautiful day playing with their cousins again.

After a couple of hours on the beach Eden decided the weather wasn't that bad and asked Jared and Chrish if they were keen for a fish on the boat. He didn't have to ask twice and they jumped in the car to go and get the boat out on the water.  They came by the beach to pick up Jalen.  He waded out to the boat and the water ended up going up to his chest.

The plan was to get Lachie to go out to the boat from the beach as well, but we quickly realised it was going to be way too deep for him, so they couldn't get him.  Poor Lachie was in tears as he LOVES fishing on the boat.

Good old Uncle Chrish decided to be brave and roll up his trackies to come and get him.  Lachie quickly cheered up when he realised he could actulaly go out on the boat.

They came back with a few flathead, but Jay was disappointed as it was his first time on the boat that he didn't catch anything.  Poor Chrish was wet and freezing when they got back, so we quickly headed home to warm up.  While Chrish's clothes were being washed and dried I gave him some of Aaron's clothes to wear.  He is a big Adelaide Crows supporter so wasn't really happy to be wearing Aaron's Hawks hoodie, but didn't complain too much as it was warm, and he was freezing.  Deep down I think he's really a Hawthorn lover and would love to change for Aaron, except he knows Aaron would go off about him jumping on to another team, as Aaron loved loyalty to your team - even if you don't go for Hawthorn. 

It was nice to have such a lovely Easter weekend with the family, even as hard as it was to have our first one without Aaron and Noah. I kept thinking of all the things Aaron would be loving - the bonfire, watching the footy on TV with Chrish, the beach, fishing on the boat and kicking the footy around.  It's still so hard to believe that he's never coming back.  It's still hard to believe that Noah isn't here. It's still hard to believe that we have had our first Easter without the both of them.


  1. It's so wonderful to see that you have family around you to love and support you. Love your photos ..... so natural.

  2. this looks like the most lovely day ever.

  3. Gorgeous pictures and how heroic your brother is!

  4. I just love your blog so much! I think of you and your sweet boys often! You are an amazing mom, an amazing writer, and an amazing photographer. I found your blog through another LDS blog site, I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to let you know how much strength, courage, faith and hope I draw from your words.
    Alice from Virginia:)

  5. The photos of Hawley bring back memories for me when I was a kid some 60+years back. It has not changed. Change is some thing we cannot control. Our prayers continue for you and your extended family.


  6. Everyone needs an uncle Chrish! What an awesome guy! Love the photos. Aaron would be proud of you and the boys.

  7. It is so hard to believe Aaron and Noah aren't here. I so wish they were. It's not hard to believe though what a brave beautiful person you are. xx


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