Saturday, 21 April 2012


This morning as I drove Harri out to his first session of Auskick for the year, I couldn't help but think about how it was supposed to be the thing he did with Aaron.  He started it last year and I did go along with him to a few sessions, but as the weather got colder it was too cold to take Noah out, so it was Aaron and Harri's thing that they did together, which I was more than happy about.

Not long after Aaron passed away - probably just an hour or so, Harri started crying (again) and said 'but Daddy was going to take me to Auskick!'.   He was okay about it today and was really excited to go again, but on the way out I just kept thinking about how I wished Aaron was there taking him - not because I don't enjoy it, but because I know how much they loved going together.

As soon as we arrived he ran out to have a kick before it started.

Kobe came along and even though he's too young to officially do it just yet, he had fun doing some hand pass practice with the target before it got started.

He is testing me at the moment, but it's lucky he's so cute because he still makes me smile all the time.

I love watching Harri playing - he loves it so much and is a natural.

There are a lot more kids at it this year which is good.

After they did some drills they then split into two teams and headed into the change rooms.  They loved running out when the whistle blew to have a game.

Harri was excited to get two goals, and it was fun to watch him have so much fun.  I'm not sure if I'll be saying that every week after sitting in the frost and fog, but I'm glad that Harri is doing something that he loves so much, and hope Aaron was watching us today knowing that he was still doing it.


  1. You are an awesome mum!

  2. Goodness, he really does look like a natural in some of those pics - how proud you must be! Hopefully he can earn a wage playing for Hawthorn and keep you in your old age :)

  3. That's awesome. I think you are wonderful to do that with Harri. Just felt a little sad reading how you wished it was Aaron doing it with Harri. It must be lovely watching him play though and seeing how he enjoys it.

  4. I'm sure Aaron was cheering him on today and just as proud for your dedication to the kids. The look on Harri's face says it all.

  5. Harri really is a natural. Great photos. I wish that Aaron was there. xo

  6. This was a really lovely set of pictures. He looks so utterly happy and that makes me very glad!

    For your American audience, can you please explain what Auskick is?

    Love your blog.

  7. He looks happy. So good to see.


  8. Harri definitely looks stoked to be there. I lived his full Hawks get up. I reckon Aaron had the biggest grin on his face seeing Harri there, having fun. xxx

  9. HI Leann - thanks for your question :)
    Australian rules football is probably the biggest sport in Australia and has a national league called the AFL (Australian Football League). As a family Hawthorn is the team we barrack for in the AFL. Auskick is a huge program run all around Australia for kids aged 4 to teenagers that teaches kids the skills of Australian rules football and let's them play it in a safe environment.


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