Monday, 9 April 2012

Our Good Friday

I knew this Good Friday was going to be a lot different to the past few years, as it was our first one without Noah and Aaron.  I still remember the photos from last year, especially the photo of Aaron holding Noah on the couch at Mum and Dad's.  Last year we had our usual Good Friday brunch as a family, but this year Chrish came down from Sydney to spend the weekend, so we picked him up at lunch time and then headed straight to the cemetery.

We then went out to Mum and Dad's to meet up with the rest of the family, hoping that we could enjoy it as much as possible even though it is our first Easter without Aaron and Noah. 

 The afternoon was spent by riding motorbikes which Harri was so excited about.

Eden giving Harri a race as Harri is so competative about everything :)

Everyone loves having Chrish home. On the day that Aaron passed away he was making us laugh as he kept asking Chloe who her favourite Uncle was.  She would look at him with a nervous little smile, knowing that he was wanting her to say him, but knowing that she doesn't have a favourite Uncle, but loves them all.  Deep down though I think all the kids have a soft spot for Uncle Chrish or 'Uncle Pishtion' (Christian) as Kobe calls him.

Dad enjoyed watching all the grandkids tear up his paddocks.

 This cheeky man gets cuter (and naughtier!) every day.

The kids couldn't wait for the annual Easter egg hunt around Mum and Dad's yard.   I'm not sure why my boys all have their baskets on their heads! 

Grandma reminded them of the rules - that everyone had to bring all their eggs back so they could be shared out at the end.

Then they were off.

There were lots to share out, and a few tears as some people didn't like the sharing out idea, and others (who won't be named....Kobe!) kept sneaking extras into his basket!

It was nice to have 'whole' family together again, even though it was not at all the same without Aaron and Noah.  For me it was just so quiet without them. There was a lot of comments from everyone that they were missing Aaron's usual wise cracks that kept us always amused.

 It seems like no family get together is complete without me cutting someone's hair. This time I cut 'little' Alex's as well as gave Jack his first hair cut and also Kelsea the next day.

After we had tea Steph and Becky made 'resurrection rolls' with the kids to remind them about the true meaning of Easter, and that it's not all about chocolate.

Since November last year we had been putting off having a bonfire. It was originally meant to be for Becky's 30th birthday, but it was rained out. We were then going to do it in January but decided it would be too late waiting for it to get dark, so we finally got to do it on Friday night. 

Jarom and Jess and the girls and Simone and her kids came and joined us, while Simon was at work.

We finally got the fire burning well, when a huge thunder storm started up.  It was incredible to watch and Jarom was so excited when he realised my camera had video mode on it.  He thought it would be some cool footage for their next Tassie Boys video, so I started the camera rolling and caught some of it on camera.  It didn't take long before the rain started pouring and we had to leave the bonfire and take cover inside. 

It was a nice way to spend our first Easter without Aaron and Noah and it was nice to see the boys having some fun with their cousins.


  1. your laugh always makes me smile lisa :) glad you had the best day that you could have, despite how hard it was. x

  2. The photos are gorgeous. How lovely that you could have such a nice time with family.

  3. I'm pleased that your and your boys day went ok, and that the hard moments were peppered with good ones. That's also lovely that you got to see your brother chrish. Even though I only comment sporadically I've been regularly checking your blog and reading how you're going on this new path. I'm glad that you've got an avenue where you can write down your thoughts, it's clear as a reader to see how much you are trying despite your heavy heart to keep moving on and showing so much care for your sons.

  4. It looks like you all made a good day of it. And I'm glad that your sons have such good men in their lives. No one can replace their dad, of course, but they can sure make an important difference!


  5. You are so fortunate to have a big loving family around you this very first Easter without Aaron and Noah.

  6. I love a good bonfire. We copped the storm down south too, and quite a lot of rain. Love the photos of the Easter egg hunt.

  7. Wonderful pictures and glad you all had a fun time. I loved the video with the bonfire and the thunder & lightning in the background. Also, there was certainly lots of candy to go around. Good Friday here is very solemn depicting the death of Jesus on the cross, and the celebration of Easter with the Easter Egg hunt is done on Easter Day. Blessings to all of you during this Eastertide.

  8. Lisa,
    I've been stalking your blog for a couple of months now and my heart has broken for you and your family. I've been praying for you all, especially that you would be able to have a nice Easter. It was so wonderful to hear your laugh on the video (I'm assuming it was you laughing). It's great to know that you are having happy times amidst all the pain.

  9. Your parents have the best property for kids to play and explore on. Happy Easter.

  10. Beautiful Photos as always Lisa. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good to hear you laughing and I am so happy that the boys had a lovely time.


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