Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ready for another Block

Last year Harri absolutely LOVED the TV show - The Block. He was obsessed with it so much, and seems to love a good reality TV show as much as I do. He loved it so much that he even asked for a Block birthday cake last year! He's so excited that the new series starts tomorrow night as he has been waiting for it for months.

Just after Aaron passed away I was having trouble with my blog one night. I went into a major panic (no exaggeration, right Chrish!?) as I thought I had lost my entire blog.  All those years of memories would've been gone and I was seriously about to have an anxiety attack about it. One of The Block contestants Katrina had found out about us - probably from Naomi from Seven Cherubs when she started doing the fundraising for us.   Katrina's day job is actually designing blogs, so when she saw my panic on one of my Facebook pages, she jumped in straight away to tell me how to back it up as a PDF version and how to back it up on my computer.

I was so grateful and relieved to know that if anything happened again, that I at least had a back up (which reminds me I need to do it again!) and was also excited that it as actually Katrina who was helping me with it, because of how much we loved watching The Block last year.

We got 'talking' and back in February I told her how much Harri loved watching The Block and sent her a link to my post about it.  I later felt bad that on the post I had said that our favourite couple was Polly and Waz, but she obviously didn't mind at all because a few days later she sent me a message with a video attached to it.  It was a video message from Polly and Waz to Harri! She said she probably didn't explain very well, where we were from as they thought we were from Wagga which is where Katrina is from, but we were excited just the same.

The message came through while he was at school, so when he got home I told him to sit down as I had a surprise for him.  It's probably a little hard to hear, but they said to Harri that they heard he was a battler and a legend which he thought was pretty cool.   He was obviously very surprised, and was so excited about it.

A couple of days later we got this lovely message on one of our Facebook pages from Tania and Rod who were also contestants on the show last year. It was so lovely to hear from them as well, and to know that they made the effort to contact Harri when they heard what had happened.

It's so nice to see that they are all so down to earth and lovely.  We are looking foward to seeing them all on the Logies tonight, and it's been exciting to hear from Katrina as she has been preparing to get ready for them.  It's going to be even more exciting tomorrow when we sit down to watch the new series.   It will be interesting to see whether Harri will be as addicted to the show this year, as much as he was last year.


  1. Thank you so much for the prompt to back up my blog...I have just done that for the first time.....We are too looking forward to the Block start tomorrow. xx

  2. My son is 5. He was also a Blockaholic last season. If we happen to play the music from it, he lights up with a huge smile and dances his heart out!

    I am a little hesitant to watch this season as I wonder if the people will be as nice as last season. Here's hoping.

    And keep on keeping on Lisa. You are doing an amazing job. Your boys are a credit to you and Aaron.

  3. Love the Block. Loved Katrina and her sis too! So nice that basically all of the couples contacted Harri. x

  4. Major melt down that night... " I can't deal with this" As she paces back and forth and sits on the couch, then gets up and paces again, and said "are you sure it's not working?"

    Didn't know what to do or say that night, even more so than usual :)

  5. Can you post about how to back up your blog? I've been worried about this and hoping there is a way to do it, but I have no idea how. I've been blogging since 2007 and have nothing backed up. I need to print it out, but it will cost a fortune since it's so many pages now - please help! **or email me instructions if you'd rather...I'm at lynnesoatyahoodotcom Thank you!

    Lynne in IL USA

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  7. Hi Lynne - I sent you an email, but for others who have the same question this is what Katrina told me to do via her blog and also a link to another page where you can back it up as a PDF

    To back it up on your computer :

    To save as a PDF :


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