Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Having a Sickie

What do you do when you have a sickie from school? Go and visit your Dad and brother at the cemetery of course.

 All of us have been feeling a bit under the weather over the last couple of weeks.  Harri has been complaining of not feeling great, and woke up this morning saying he felt worse, so I was easy on him and let him stay at home (even though he probably really was well enough to go to school).   I told him I had lots of jobs to do as it was my day off work, so he would just have to come with me (if he was really that sick, we would've just stayed at home so he could rest). Our first stop was the cemetery. 

Kobe wasn't with us on Sunday when we decorated Noah's tree with the Easter Eggs, so he was excited to see them. He yelled 'good job guys!' when he saw them.

It's always hard to really just sit and think while you are at the cemetery while the boys are with me, but it's nice to go up there with them and often have a smile about the things they say and do.
I hope Aaron and Noah are watching them too as I'm sure they would make them smile too.


  1. Smile and maybe look at each other shaking their heads :) xxx

  2. I agree with Stephanie, hehe.
    Hope you all feel better soon. ((hugs))

  3. your boys are sooo cute. the tree looks beautiful

  4. I don't know you but have looked at your blog occasionally. I think when you hear Elder Scotts talk from General Conference, you will get alot of comfort. Just want to share that thought.

  5. I have wondered if anything particular at General Conference struck you, as I usually get very personal messages and comfort at that time.

    I hope you found some peace in those talks.

    One thing's for certain. Easter will be especially meaningful for you this year.


  6. Your boys are very handsome. I think everyone just needs a personal day now and again :)

  7. Love the idea of decorating the tree. I am a bit of a softie as well with days off school lately. Love that the first place you all want to go to is the cemetery. Hope you all get feeling better soon. N x

  8. Hi Lisa, I've been reading for awhile but stayed quiet knowing you are being well loved. You still are, but as we move into Easter, I just wanted to send you and the boys some extra love. Just to show that even though life is probably becoming more and more of a struggle there are people everywhere sending you their thoughts and prayers.

  9. Wow, I just found your blog & said a prayer for your precious family.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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