Monday, 2 April 2012

A Thank You

I was so happy to see that a letter I had written into The Examiner was published today.  When they published the story about our garden being done, I was so disappointed that they didn't mention any of the people involved in doing it.  The only reason we agreed to be in the paper was because we wanted those involved to be recognised.  I'm over being in the newspaper at the moment and would much rather avoid it.

After Aaron's cousins Tracey and Jessi-Rose questioned The Examiner about it why they didn't mention those involved personally, they said it would be 'free advertising'.  I'm sure that it's not at all the reason the people involved did the garden for us and mentioning 'The Landscape Industries Association of Tasmania' doesn't advertise any of the 16 landscapers involved at all anyway, but I felt that all involved should be recognised for their amazing kindness to me and the boys.

I wasn't sure if they would publish it so I left some people out of the 'thank you' section to make it as short as possible. I wish now that I mentioned Tracey and Jessi-Rose for actually putting it all into action as well as those who did so much work before the actual day of 'the blitz' including Tracey and Jessi-Rose's family for all their help with labouring,  Jorden Beams for his amazing help concreting our paths, the three amazing young guys - Oliver, Brady and Josh for doing all the 'hard yakka' in digging out the trenches for the plumbing, and the Construction class at Kings Meadows High School for contributing the awesome cubby house for it. 

I'm not sure if we can ever say thank you enough to everyone involved.  We look at our garden and can't believe how blessed we are.


  1. The Examiner should hang their head in shame. even if it was free advertising, so what ? People would at least get some insider knowledge of which companies show true altruism. So glad your thanks got through.

  2. Newspapers get a little caught up in the red tape of things sometimes and forget the reason that they're sell in business - because the community supports them! How blessed you are to have your garden - it sounds like a wonderful place! xx

  3. You are so deserving of the help you are receiving Lisa, to say you are blessed is so humble, even after what you have been through, you are still able to see the positive. What an amazing lady you are and your beautiful boys are clearly just like you and Aaron :) Sending you lots of strength to keep being so brave xxx

  4. Hi Lisa. You don't know me but I just wanted to say what an amazing woman you are.. You are so strong, warm and so incredibly courageous. Although I haven't logged in for a while you are very often in my thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to say that... Sure many feel the same. Your internal strength is totally inspirational. Please take time for yourself if you are still feeling unwell. I wish you and the boys lots of joy and lots of fun at Easter. Diana x

  5. Hi Lisa - I'm not sure how I found your blog but oh Lord, I honestly don't have any words that will help. I think God directed me to your blog for a reason: on March 1, I lost my only child, my 24 year old son Jonathan, in a horiffic fire in his apartment where he lived. When I read your posts, I feel the same shock and sadness and brokenness that you feel. Why did God take my only child from me? He was a gifted, wonderful young man who valued family and was getting ready to go to grad school. I am still in shock and disbelief after a month - this feeling like time goes on and people live their lives - but I am stuck on March 1st, wanting to do it over again and try to stop this from happening!!! I hope yu don't mind me commenting here - like I said, God seems to be directing me to people who feel the same way I do. I am praying for you and your children every day - the fire is still under investigation so on top of grieving, we have no idea what happened to our son. No closure - and boy does that suck big time :(:(

    I love your new back yard and garden - we decided to do a memorial garden ourselves after I saw that. Something positive to put my energy into!

    Take care and God Bless you and your boys:

    Diane Taylor
    Baltimore, Maryland

  6. I'm glad your additional letter got in, and I completely understand your desire to have every one of them named individually.


  7. You were truly blessed by wonderful people. I am so glad that this memorial to Noah and Aaron helps to bring you peace and joy. And to Diane from Baltimore--I am so sorry for your loss. Lisa is an amazing person and mother and to have lost her son and husband so close together is hard to comprehend. She certainly exudes spirit and strength, and may you find it as well.

  8. You wrote a very nice letter Lisa. You mentioned in your blog you wished you had mentioned more people who had helped. You could always send them a thankyou card or even an email. Someone emailed me the other day to say how nice a quilt I'd made that was hanging in our local quilt show was, that email meant so much as this person is so talented and does exquisite work

  9. Hi, you found the perfect way to say your 'thank you' in your letter to the editor. That is exactly what that section of the newspaper is for :)

    Best from California.


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