Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Come and See!'

It's a funny feeling to go out to our garden and pick a rose off the bushes Aaron planted for Noah. We never would've thought when he was planting them that I would one day be taking them up this own grave!

It looked pretty in with his Hawthorn coloured flowers at his grave.

We had been going up to the cemetery a lot over the past week to water Noah's grass seed on top of his grave.  Last week the weather was quite warm, so we made sure gave it a lot of water every day.  There has been a lot of rain over the last week so we haven't  had to go up every day like we were.  Today I told Kobe we were going up to the cemetery and he said 'but it's been raining Mum!!'.  I told him it is still nice to visit Daddy and Noah, even if we don't need to water Noah's grass.

When we went to Aaron's grave Kobe pointed to his name and asked 'what does that say again Mummy!?'. I reminded him it says 'A King' and he then said 'Aaron James King' (Kobe's middle name is 'James' so supposedly everyone has the same middle name :)

When we got to Noah's grave we were so happy to see that the grass is actually growing now. Kobe got there before me and kept yelling 'come and see Mum!!!'.   It looks so much nicer.

When I saw Noah's grass compared to his neighbour's Tom's, it hit me how big Noah was.  It makes me think how lucky we were to have six to eight years more with him,  than was ever predicted.  As hard as it is to not have him here anymore, I'm so grateful that we got to have ten years with him on earth, and as hard as it is to not have Aaron here as well, I'm also 'glad' in a strange way that they are together.  Of course I would wish Aaron to be alive over anything, but it's nice to know that Noah isn't alone as well. 


  1. Seeing the grass growing on Noah's grave made me smile! And the roses look stunning xx

  2. The grass is beautiful! You must be so glad to see it there now; it was so bare before.


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