Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'Daddy built it for me'

Aaron built the boys a sandpit over a year ago, but the novelty of playing in it quickly wore off especially as our yard wasn't finished, as it wasn't really a nice place to go and play.   Since our yard has been landcaped Kobe has been out there so much and just loves it.

I find him out there all the time - sometimes he is out there in the morning in his pyjamas!   Other times he has gone out there straight after church - still wearing his white church shirt.

He loves it if I go out and sit with him while he's playing.

He always says to me 'me love my sandpit! Daddy built it for me'.


  1. Great idea having the cubby and sandpit together. He really looks to have made it his comfortable spot.

  2. It's so gorgeous he remembers Daddy built it and he's getting so much enjoyment from it. A great memory for Kobe to have

  3. What a sweet boy. I love that you go out and spend time with him, just hanging out. Good job Momma!

  4. Sweet! What a great gift to have.

  5. Your 'boys' here on earth and your angels in heaven are most adorable and words don't do them justice...enjoy every second with your boys as they grow UP (here) so fast but they will always love each other and their Mummy and Daddy! no matter what happens! here or there!

    Tightest of hugs,
    Maria (from New York) xx

  6. Such a lovely gift from his dad.


  7. He certainly is enjoying every bit of it, and your yard looks just beautiful!


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