Friday, 20 April 2012

By My Bed

The photos that I have on my bedside table is different to the boys photos.  I just had to have both Noah and Aaron close to me.  It still doesn't seem real when I look at the pictures in the frame to know that they both aren't here, but are both together.

Next to it I have my new Willow Tree figurine that Simone bought for me.  Harri asked me if it was me and Aaron and I said it was.   He then asked 'what are you doing Mum!? Telling him a secret!?'.  I don't think Harri quite gets what romance is about just yet :)


  1. Your photos are beautiful .... I love Willow Tree Statues ... they are so nice.

  2. Love the photos.
    I hope that isn't 4:41am! :)

  3. beautiful Lis. I was thinking the same as Alison's sis, hoping it wasn't 4.41am!!! xx

  4. very special memories Lisa..i am sure they were all photos you took yourself so you can continue to remember the moments that these pics were taken....beautiful treasured memories...

  5. I imagine it would be comforting to look at photos of them together like that. And I love the Willow Tree figurine.



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