Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jalen's Photos

Because the other boys were getting photos to put near their beds, I also printed off Jay a couple for a frame. He loves the pics that we took the night that we had a date just with him, at the end of last year.

He was so grateful that I got it done and loves them.  He straight away took a photo of it and put it up on Instagram.   I just wish he wasn't so sad when he looks at it all the time.


  1. that face breaks my heart. you can see the sadness in his eyes as he looks at the photos.
    lucky they have soooo many wonderful 'fun' memories xx

  2. My mom lost her dad when she was 10, and she has such wonderful memories of him.

    She has always told us how hard it was. Thankfully, she had a wonderful mother, as your son does.

    I wish things could be different for Jay. And all of you.


  3. The stories, pictures, and memories will help them heal. You are a wonderful mom. I hope you are doing sweet things for yourself too.

    Hugs from Canada.


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