Friday, 27 April 2012

ANZAC Day march, movie and birthday

On Wednesday we headed out to Deloraine for the ANZAC Day march.   We met up with friends and family and it was a beautiful sunny autumn day, to remember those who have fought and died for our country.  Even though Pop has passed away and doesn't march anymore, it's still nice to go out to the march at Deloraine. Last year we stay in town for it and I remember that Noah wasn't very well that day - his face was very puffy and he just didn't seem right.  It was strange knowing how much had changed since last ANZAC Day. 

Linc loves Jalen so much and kept wanting to sit down next to him on the kerb and would snuggle into him.

Kobe didn't quite understand what the whole day was about, but enjoyed it anyway.

Aaron used to always say 'who has a birthday on ANZAC Day!?' to Maddie and I'm sure he would've been saying it again this year.  It's hard to believe that she's 6 already!

For Maddie's birthday lunch we headed to the Raspberry Farm after the march with Mum and Dad, Steph and the kids and Nicki and the kids.  The boys know that I have been there a few times as I often put pics of the yummy food up on Instagram. They were always jealous when they saw what I had, so they were excited to go and try it out themselves.

The movie 'Avengers' came out on Wednesday and Aaron was so excited to go and see it, and had promised Jay that he would take him.  Jay was so upset knowing that he couldn't go with Aaron, but I told him I would take him instead, so we left the boys with Mum and Dad and headed to Devonport to watch the opening session at CMAX cinemas. Jay hadn't been there before so he was very excited to watch it on the huge screen.

I'm not into boy movies at all, but it was actually very good.  The effects were awesome and we had a great time together.  I asked Jay when we got out why he didn't tell me that Captain America was so hot, which made him laugh.

As we drove back to Mum and Dad's the sun was setting and I was cracking Jay up as I kept pulling the car over to take photos.  I asked him if he ever saw things and thought 'that would be an awesome photo!'. He laughed and said 'sometimes, but not as much as you do Mum!'.  We had the music cranking in the car and I was singing on top of my lungs to some good old One Direction which I thought Jay would be embarrassed about, but instead he just kept laughing.  It was nice to see him have such a lovely afternoon, because things quickly changed later that night as he got sad and scared like he usually does at night.

We got back to Mum and Dad's just in time for Maddie's yummy birthday tea and cake.  

When we got home that night and Jay was going to bed he said to me 'thanks for making today really fun Mum - for taking me to the movies, for making me laugh because you always want to take photos and for the singing in the car.  Love ya!'.  I'm glad I could make him smile for a couple of hours.


  1. aww he is a good kid, and you are a darling Mum... I love it that you stop to take pics.. Im like that too, always telling the girls to "look at that light"!!!

  2. I can imagine you doing all of those things!! Jay and Mason are so alike, he is such a sweetie.

  3. All of you are helping each other through this so well.

    I think your family shows great resilience because of the way emotion is allowed its needed expression and feelings are respected.

    And the love, of course. Which probably amounts to the same thing...


  4. I don't know you personally, but found your link on another blog. I have fallen in love with your family and the strength you show. You are an amazing woman and mother.

    I have hesitated ever posting before even when things have touched me, mostly because we are strangers, but I find so many similarities in our oldest boys that this one did it. Jay is a handsome young man that shows such maturity. He is a great older brother, is sensitive and strong. My son, though hasn't even had to go through a small portion of what Jay has had to, but it encourages me to see how Jay is doing. Were we to have harder times, I could see my Conner doing much the same.
    He can be strong, but loves his momma and doesn't mind my silliness. He has promised me he'll never be too old to hold my hand, and still (@ 11 years old) will kiss me at the crosswalk where I guard. My 10 year old is already on the verge of being embarrassed!

    Thank you for being real and just putting yourself out there. You are an example to me.
    Love from Las Vegas, USA

  5. Which one is Captain America?
    Glad Jay was able to have a good time. You are a great Mum to your boys. xx

  6. Oh those memories you made together will last forever! What a wonderful mother you are!


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