Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Easter Noah

Today we went and decorated Noah's tree for Easter.  I knew that I wanted to find something to take up to his grave, and was hoping I could find something for his tree. I was so happy when I found some cute sparkly eggs on hangers in Spotlight. 

Everyone tells me that their roses stopped blooming ages ago, but Aaron's roses that he planted for Noah are still blooming away. This morning I picked some to take up to Noah's grave. 

We did the usual water of Noah's grass before we left.

We laughed when we saw that someone had left a can of Pepsi at Aaron's grave.   The boys were even more excited when they realised it was full!

I knew it must've been someone who knew him well, and straight away thought it may have been his friend Kristy.  My suspicions were confirmed.  On Friday night Hawthorn played against Collingwood (Kristy's team) and Hawthorn won.  I never really get worked up about the footy, but for some reason I was more worked up about that game than any I had been before! I think I just really wanted them to win for Aaron, even though he wasn't here. I kept imagining what he would be doing all night - screaming at the TV, throwing cushions, having a go at the umpires and texting friends.  I believe that Kristy and Aaron used to have a little bet going sometimes whenever Hawks V Collingwood and the winner got a can of Pepsi on the Monday back at school?

It's still surreal when I go to the cemetery and sit at Aaron's grave.  It's much different with Noah's as I feel really at peace about it - I knew he was tired and it was his time to go, but with Aaron it's still such a shock even two months later. I'm not sure if it will ever seem real.   I'm not sure if it will ever sink in that he's not coming back.


  1. Sounds weird, but colour is so important- and meaningful. Love the eggs..perfect.

  2. Lovely :)
    I love that there is always the green watering can in the background of your cemetery photos too!!!!
    Happy Easter Noah & "Go the Hawks" Aaron x

  3. Noah's grave looks so beautiful! I can't wait to get down to Ben's this Wednesday (his 10th birthday) and start working on it now that the snow is gone. I just have no words for your experience going to Aaron's grave.

  4. Love that that can was left. He was obviously so loved by many.

  5. Lisa, I think about you and your boys often, and hope that some days you are able to feel the sun on your back.

    Lots of love, x

  6. The roses are absolutely beautiful. They must be in the perfect spot to keep blooming. Bless all of you and may your Easter be a joyful one and think of Aaron and Noah singing Hallelujah.

  7. The pepsi story made me smile xxxoo

  8. I'm no expert on grieving, but it seems to me that you build forward on the memories you have. Where you are now in time, every memory of Aaron, Noah, your lives together, is still right on the surface. As you and your sons go forward, you will build on those memories, like an elaborate layer cake. The base layers are there, and always will be, a beautifully built foundation. Take your time.


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