Saturday, 28 April 2012


About a month ago we got a letter in the mail from the Hawthorn Football Club inviting us to be VIP guests at their next training session at Aurora.  Harri was so excited when I showed him and said 'that's actually really awesome!'.  Supposedly a 'few' people had emailed or contacted the club after Aaron passed away to ask them if they could do something special for us, which is so nice. 

I was excited for Harri mostly as I knew how excited he would be (Jalen probably wouldn't have cared if we stayed home :) but couldn't help but think how much Aaron would've loved it, and felt sad all afternoon knowing why we were going to be VIP guests.

We each got a 'show bag' full of goodies and got to sit on the interchange bench to watch them train.

We then got to stand in the race (is that what it's called?) so we could try to grab their autographs as they came through.  Some were more obliging than others and being a VIP guest probably sounds a lot more exciting than it actually was. 

I felt like we were annoying them to get their autographs as they all seemed to be in such a hurry.  The girl that organised it kept saying to the players 'there are our VIP guests' (we weren't the only ones) to make sure they were nice to us, but some were great, and others couldn't be bothered at all (need I mention any names!?....Buddy).  It's disappointing as sometimes he can be so lovely and other times he just can't be stuffed to even acknowledge his fans.

It made me sad for the boys because the players always stopped and took time whenever Noah was with us, but today I just felt like we were bothering them too much. I didn't even ask any of them to pose with the boys as I felt like they were in such a hurry (even though they are staying in town tonight and don't play until tomorrow afternoon).   I just wonder if they would've taken more time if they knew what they had been through.

Tonight Harri said 'if people say 'what is a VIP?', I would tell them that it means 'Very Important People' and it means someone in your family died'.


  1. Wish that Harri didn't think VIP meant "very important person" and that someone died in your family. That is tough. Tell him that he is a very important person just because he is Harri! He and his brothers are simply coo! and that Heavenly Father thinks they are very important people too!

  2. I think these people should remember that it's the public that keep them where they are, if they didn't have supporters then there wouldn't be a game. Sometimes it's disappointing when people don't act the way they should.

  3. no excuses really are are what keeps a club going...they should all remember that...
    especially when there are VIP's in the line to greet them...not them to greet you...

  4. I wish the guys had been better to your boys. It makes me appreciate the few that were even more.

    And the ones who weren't even less.



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