Monday, 16 April 2012

Dressed Down

About a month ago the workers at the cemetery sprayed the top of Noah's grave as it was getting a lot of twitch coming through the dirt. It wasn't looking pretty at all, but I knew that's how it had to be so the weed didn't spread, and knew that we had to wait for the grave to settle down before they could level it off (excuse the yucky iPhone pics).

Last Thursday the boys and I were sitting at Noah's grave when one of the cemetery workers came over to us. He asked me if I would like him to 'dress it down' soon, meaning that he would level off the top and put some grass seed down. I told him that would be wonderful, so he said he would do it the next day. 

It's now looking so much nicer and we have been up every day watering it, hoping that the grass grows nicely before it gets too much colder.   It will be nice to have it looking as nice as Thomas' (the little boy next to his).

p.s. my friend Holly told me about her 14 month old nephew Jasper, who suffered second and third degree burns on his hand and arm last week. He needs skin grafts and has to travel 615 km + for medical treatment.  

After hearing a great quote from a talk yesterday at our General Conference for our church which said 'if someone is drowning you don't ask them if they need help', she has decided to just jump right in and help them by setting up a fundraising page.  The money raised will assist with travel costs and treatment.  If you are able to please head over to this page and make a donation - every little bit helps, as I know only too well myself.   Thank you in advance.


  1. So happy that Noah's site has seeds and it won't be long and there will be beautiful green grass.

  2. Some very good counsel given at that conference!


  3. Sigh... Must be so very hard to visit Noah and Aaron's graves but if you are anything like me, it does bring comfort and the ability to show your love for those gone before us.

    A place to remember and rejoice in what was.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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