Thursday, 10 June 2010

3 years and 1000 posts later

Almost 3 years ago to the day (only one day off!) I started this blog. I was hoping it would be a good way to keep a journal of our family and that is has been. Three years ago we only had three boys. I can't even imagine our life without Kobe now (how much does Kobe look like Harri!!?)

Who would've thought that 1000 posts later I would still be going strong (and be known as the 'blogerrazzi'!) and have so much happen in those three years.

I am so glad now that I started it as there are so many things that I would've forgotten if I didn't record it. Things like Harri's blanket that he used drag around everywhere, or Aaron's awesome post about the day Kobe was born, or the day that Hawthorn won the AFL grandfinal and Aaron cried like a baby, or when I won my first competition ever, and won a new camera for a photo I took of one of the biggest heroes in my life, or Noah's many trips to hospital, or our fun family holidays away, and also close to home, or saying goodbye to someone who has forever influenced my life, and who will continue to influence my boys life with their examples, or trips to the snow where we hardly found any snow but still had lots of fun, or when Noah mysteriously broke his leg, or when Aaron and I had our first ever night away on our own in ten years and had the best night ever. The list could go on and on and on. So many things that I may not have remembered unless I recorded it on my blog.

Thank you Toni for convincing me to start it! When I first started it I didn't think I would have anything interesting to blog about, or that anyone else would really want to read it. I wondered how much a stay at home Mum to three kids (at the time) could write, that was interesting enough for others to read. Now I am just glad that I did it and have so many posts to look back on and remember the things we have done.

I wonder what the next 1000 posts will be about!? It's so hard to imagine how life is going to turn out and sometimes I hate thinking about it. Will Noah still be with us after another 1000 posts, will we be living in our new house still and love it? What will Jalen be like now that he is in High School (how scary is that!!!?), will I still love taking photos? (okay - I'm sure the answer to that is a big YES!), will Kobe love school just as much as his older brothers do? Will I be working again and what kind of work will I be doing!? So many questions, so many things to wonder about. I guess you will just have to stay tuned for the next 1000 posts :)

I hope that in some way all the time I waste on here may have helped another family who has a child with a disability, or made someone smile when they were feeling down (I know the crazy things my boys do always make me smile when I'm having a bad day), or just influenced your life in some way (hopefully in a good way!).

For my 1000th post I would LOVE to see who actually reads my blog. I wanted to do one of those awesome giveaways that all those crafty blogs do but I'm not crafty like my clever cousin or other friends who make lots of cute things. The only thing I could think to give away that everyone loves is chocolate :) If you are not in Australia this giveaway is even better than a crafty prize as we have really yummy chocolate here that I'm willing to send overseas :)

So to be in the running for some chocolate leave a comment and tell me where you are from etc and on my birthday (middle of next week) I will randomly draw a winner. I can't imagine that it would be interesting to anyone else except for family and friends but am glad that people are out there reading it. Even if I don't know you I would LOVE for you to comment and say hi. I've always been interested in who actually reads my blog. That includes all my friends who always read it and never comment....yes I'm talking to you :)


  1. hi lisa!! i never comment as i am never sure what to do !!!! but you prob know that,after reading that post i really feel like i should start a blog!!i feel a bit like you said,what would i have to say??? but im sure oliver amd matildsa dont feel that way about how we live our little days together!!! i always enjoy reading about what you been up to, even though i think i do know !! luv pip

  2. I was hoping to be the first to comment but Pip beat me to it!! I LOVE the blog of blogs. I have OCD to check it everyday! Even if it is to just check up on what you're all up to. It makes me feel like I am keeping in touch with my nephews. It will be a sad time if this blog ever stops.

  3. Hi!

    I haven't never commented before, but have been lurking from very far away (the UK!) for quite a while now. I came across your blog when I was doing a paediatrics rotation and researching Hydrancephaly. I've since followed your blog with interest and love hearing about your day to day family life. It's also really interesting to find out bits and bobs about Tasmania and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, neither of which I knew anything about previously.

    I've also considered starting a blog of my own, but can't really imagine anyone being very interested in the daily goings-on of a medical student in Oxford, UK. ...I'm also a pretty rubbish photographer by comparison!

    Many thanks for the great read, looking forward to the next 1,000 posts!


  4. Hey Lisa,
    I'm glad you encouraged me to start our family blog but I am so slack at it (it is my journal and yet I leave so much out)! This post has made me reflect. Reflect on all that has happened in our lives and I HOPE to update our family blog with random memories now to catch up (and not just photos). Thanks for your constant blogging about…stuff to help show us that even the simplest of things we do each day should be recorded to show and what makes us tick. Memories that we can use to see how we are progressing things to help us get through those tough times we can use when we experience tougher times. So in all…THANKS Love you

  5. Love your blog Lisa. I not only feel connected to your family but to Tassie - my home.
    Love ya

  6. Hey Lisa!

    I hope you don't mind me commenting because I have never commented before on here. Ever since I started my blog about a year ago for my family. I have been looking for an idea what to write about. I somehow stumbled across your blog and read about your gorgeous family, your dealing with a child with a disability and the wonderful examples you are of the gospel.

    Thankyou so much for writing such inspiring words!

  7. Hi Lisa

    I love checking in on your blog and yes you sure are the blogging queen! It's always interesting to see what you guys get up to. Would you believe that when I type into the address bar your blog comes up as soon as I type the www part! I also use your blog as a way to access my own, yes sad I know!


  8. Hi Lisa!

    I always read your blog and love hearing all about your beautiful family!

    I also love all your photos, and seeing how much you have improved over time! You have some beautiful memories captured.

    Kirsten xx

  9. Oh Lisa have you checked out how many ppl have visited your site in the last two years.....its pushing 100,000, ok I may have checked 1000 times but even if 100 people did that there would be over 100 people AT LEAST reading your blog.... I think you should make it onto the Oprah show. I love reading this blog it is by far my favourite one (sorry others!!!) Like Nicki it is great to catch up on news of allt he Nephews and look back and see all the family happenings too.... itsl like a blog for your WHOLE family!! love it don't stop! (I also really like peppermint, or marble choc ;) ){ oh ps did you see that person from the UK... how awesome is that!!!}

  10. Hello! What a great journey we're had together from when it was just the three of us and we had like four hits a day! I love your blog and watching your family grow and how good you're getting with your camera! (Aaron's post about Kobe's birth was very memorable - I read it from a ritzy hotel in Seoul, Korea!)

  11. Lisa I love reading your blog. I like your awesome photography, and I love the little glimpses into your extended family, which really inspire me. Hope you continue to enjoy the process for the next 1000 posts as much as you seem to enjoy the more recent ones I've read!

  12. I have laughed out loud and cried and chuckled and smiled and all sorts of responses to your blog.

    You're a celebrity! I will never forget meeting you! As you know, I started reading it right before Kobe was born, and now look at us! I'm the least reliable and most ridiculous person you know. :P I'll never forget nudging Anna in the chapel car park, though..
    Me: "Oh my gosh. Anna. ANNA. I'm starstruck!!!"
    Anna:"Oh. Psh. Come here. I'll introduce you!"
    Me: "No! I'm too nervous!"

    Love the blog. Wherever I am, I can't wait to keep up with the next 1000 posts. :)

    You're the best. :)

    (I have plenty of chocolate with me for other people. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be hanging out for some :P)

    Miss you already. Give the Spunky Monkey a big kiss :)

  13. Also, I never really thought/noticed that Jalen and Noah look a whole lot alike, but how much does Jay look like Noah in that first black and white family picture!? It looks like the super smiley ones of Noah on the hydran website. :D Handsome boys. :)

  14. I love your blog. I love reading about Noah and the boys. I love your example of the Gospel and go the 1000 posts!!

  15. Happy 1000th!!!!! I also love reading your blog. I love how you blog about real stuff and stuff that you'll want to remember in 20 or so years. You can tell you love your kids and family so much by all the things you are always doing with them. You're a great example Lisa!

  16. Woo hoo! 1000 posts!!!!!
    you already know what i think of you...

    p.s. if you read this blog and are too scared to comment, just do it! i want to see who the lurkers are too :)

  17. I have left a comment from time to time ... I don't read your blog every day but when I know something important is happening or want to check out the photos, I read your blog!

    I cried watching the video clip about Sheila, felt a part of her funeral because I couldn't attend it, loved the photos you took last weekend of the Beehive O/Nighter and love reading and seeing the photos of the Youth Activities held up there.

    Thanks for taking the time to keep this blog going ... I can't even keep my journal going on a regular basis ...

    Have also enjoyed watching how your photos have evolved over the years ... have you thought of starting a photography business?

    Most people make their blogs private but I admire how you share the ups and downs of caring for a child with special needs and your testimony of the Gospel. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best for your b'day next week!


  18. Hi Honey,
    Just Mum here.
    I don't want your chocolate, but I love reading your blogs, and has it been a 1000 blogs? How about that then!!!
    Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next three years, and it is comforting to know that families can be together forever.
    I love you.

  19. Wow Lisa 3 years, I remember when you first started blogging, you were the one who convinced me to start blogging and I am so glad you did.
    Happy 1000th post.

  20. Hi Lisa, I love reading your blogs with your honesty and your sense of humour, I usually either laugh or cry.
    I wanted to comment because I think it would be cool if everyone who reads your blog leaves a comment and we see how many comments you get...

  21. Wow this is so cool to find out who reads!!! I do! You know that already, it feels like i know your family so well through the blog even if we hardly see you. Can't wait for house pics!!!

  22. I love your blog Lisa. I just went and looked to see how long Ive been doing it... wow,,,, 5 yrs. Its fun to look back hey... You are a super awesome influence to me. Love ya

  23. Hey everyone lets get 1000 comments for the 1000 post..
    love everything about you guys (expect for your footy team) but hey we all can't go for the best team in the league!!!!!!
    looking forward for Kobe's baptism blog xxxxxx
    love the woodwards

  24. How cool are all these comments, your blogg seems to connect all of us and touch us. Love it & love ya Jacquie

  25. Well, you know i have been reading it since i met you (one year ago) and i love it. It's the third most visited site in my address bar.
    I love to read about the big events in your life, but also all the little day to day things- especially all of the things with Noah..
    I love how your photos have gotten better and better.. And i love how you are honest and share everything- from people spewing to your testimony.. The other thing i love is to see how great of a mother you are and the love you have for your boys. Oh and of course i love when i feature somehow on here ;)
    I cant wait for the next 1000 posts- dont stop!

  26. Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate???

    You have helped SO many people with your blog Lisa - your strength, courage, sense of humour and of course - your stunning photos bring comfort, and regularly a smile, to the faces of your blog readers, so keep up the fantastic work!
    (You know you should have a support group ready in case you ever stop blogging - many of us would need it :)

  27. Hey Gran!! Remember when we started calling each other "gran" back in uni days.... so much has happened since then and we both have families and busy lives! You are an amazing person and an inspiration to so many. Just reading the comments left gave me tingles! Go Gran!!! xx

  28. What can I say other than you know how much I lurve chocolate but even more you know how much I love you, which is saying something cos not much beats chocolate in my book. xx

    PS when i win, pls don't bring the choccie into the gym but furtively shove it in the boot of my car in the carpark. We have to keep up our gym junkie appearances. ;)

  29. Hey lisa - I check out your blog - I did leave a comment when we were at bay of fires at almost the same time hehe!!

    It's fun to read about families with similar age kiddies and I also love to check out you're photography :)

    Congrats on the 1000 post.

  30. wow, look at all these people who read your blog and love it. you're awesome Lisa!

  31. Hello Lisa,
    I don't want to win but just want to tell you how much I love your blog. Every now and then I come by and catch up on things . . . your so genuine and loving.
    Thanks for blogging.

  32. Hey Lisa,

    I also check out your blog from time to time!! I especially get a kick of seeing pictures of my family members - can't believe how cute Immy is!

    What a rich memorable history you are creating for your family.

    Love ya,

  33. Well you know I'm a regular reader - and am one of the guilty ones who are not so good at leaving comments, but still preferring the privacy of direct email. Love the way you share your thoughts, feelings, family, events and photos! Keep up the good work! Oh, I also want that chocolate!

  34. Hi Leap, you know I always read your blog and it makes me laugh most of the time, but sometimes cry too :-) But I much prefer to catch up with you in person still - the good old fashioned communication style!!!
    Where is Bec's comment? She would say, "dont ever do a blog without putting any photos up" wouldnt she? ha ha. Come on Bec...

  35. Hi Lisa,

    Think I have commented before, I love reading a fellow Tasmanian blog and just adore reading about and seeing the gorgeous photos of your boys. Could do with less Hawks ones though lol.

    Looking forward to the next 1000


  36. 1000 posts!! That's amazing. I've loved reading your blog and I loved this entry. Between Sam and I we've almost demolished the 2 family blocks of cadbury's chocolate that I brought back from my recent trip... so maybe you could send me some more ... hehe. Although it would be nice to send it to the person from the UK - what nice feedback. (But then again, they do have pretty good Cadbury's over there... but not Tim Tams!) Love Penny

  37. Hi Lisa , Said na wouldnt do it , but here I am , thought of a way to do it unanimously. If you take a look at me you can tell I love chocoalte. I am a great advert for "you are what you eat". Chockie!! Not so keen on American chocolate. I gave it up for 2 and half years can you believe that. I cant either. Love your blog. Feel like I know you heaps. Love your little family , helps me re-live my little troup. I sure miss em now they are all grown up. Bogs are great but your is the best. Mumsie

  38. Hello Lisa Eats A Pizza!
    I'm here Lynne...... I think your blog is a fantastic record of your famiy and your journey through life together. I check it most days and get disappointed if you haven't blogged! I also get disappointed when your blog without a picture although that doesn't happen much any more! Like Pip I thought I knew what you got up to but you do so much more than we know about! Keep up the good work.
    Love Becca Bird xxxxx

  39. Hi Lisa, I am a lurker so this is my first time to comment :) I really enjoy stopping by and reading your posts and looking at your fantastic photography! I particularly loved your recent post 'Our sweetest, smallest flowers' - beautiful and touching!!

    Felicity xo

  40. Oh wow - thanks everyone for your comments!!! It is soooooo cool to hear who reads my blog - especially those who I never knew about. Keep them coming - it's not my birthday yet (I'm STILL young for a few more days) so haven't drawn out the winner yet :)


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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