Saturday, 5 June 2010

Beehive Overnighter

I really understand why we don't call 'overnighters', 'sleepovers' as there is definitely not much sleep going on. We just had our multi stake Beehive overnighter for the 12 and 13 year old girls from church. It was lots and lots of fun and nice to hang out with the girls for a couple of days.

All together twelve girls slept over and two girls came the next morning to join in on the activities for the day. It was held at Shearwater which was such a great location as we were SO lucky with the weather (especially considering we are the 4th and 5th day into winter!) and could do lots of fun outside activities at the beach.

We started off the night with a few games which were lots of fun. We then headed to the beach for some night time games. Each of the girls put on glow in the dark wrist bands and had lots of fun playing 'capture the flag'. They weren't keen on leaving and going back to the house!

When we finally dragged them back (about 10.00 pm!) and after washing off their feet, we divided them into three teams to have a Masterchef cupcake cook off.

They had lots of ingredients that they could choose from to put into their cupcake mixture and decorate their cupcakes with.

There were some interesting combinations and colours, but overall the cupcakes that didn't look the most appealing, actually tasted really nice and won. This team had the prettiest looking cupcakes :)

After a bit of Wiggles Singstar and more games it was finally time to go to bed about 1.30 am. I was laughing all night at Toni who kept getting up reminding the girls that her Dad was trying to sleep in the room next door and that Ty had an exam the next day. It didn't make much of a difference and finally after lots of laughing, giggling, screams and talking they all went to sleep about 4am. I warned them that I would be pulling out my whistle from camp at 8am to go for a run along the beach, and of course I got the usual moans and groans.

In the morning we dragged them out of bed and down to the beach for a beautiful morning devotional. The sun was shining and it was actually really warm. It was so nice to sit on the beach together as we listened to Tina (a leader from Hobart) talk to the girls about friendship and how to be a true friend.

The girls walked back to the house and we then had a lovely pancake breakfast sitting out on the deck in the sun. It felt like we were at a holiday resort - such a beautiful place!

After breakfast I gave them a mini lesson on 'living like they believe' and how if you don't live the way we have been taught your life is either watered down and you don't get to 'taste the full sweetness' or it can actually taste bitter if you aren't doing the right things. The girls enjoyed tasting the watered down lemonade, and lemonade with vinegar in it. We then watched Jenny Phillips clip 'Live Like You Believe' and read some scriptures about living the gospel and increasing our faith. The girls then went off to a quiet spot to do some journal writing.

Toni then took the girls for a cool craft activity of making canvases to display things in their bedroom. Thanks Clare for the idea!

We printed out a photo for the girls that we took earlier on the beach and they each wrote on the back of each others and then put them on the canvases to take home. They all looked really cute, and the girls loved them.

We finished off the day by heading back down to the beach for a play and some hot chips for lunch.

It was so nice to be around such beautiful girls - inside and out. They all get along so well and really care for each other and treat each other so well. It was a beautiful couple of days and we were so lucky with the weather and the beautiful spot we got to have it in. Now I just need a few more hours sleep and I will be caught up :)


  1. This overnighter looks like it was a BLAST! You guys did such fun, creative things with the girls. I'm seriously impressed and may "borrow" (steal) one or two (or three!) of your ideas to do sometime with our girls. You live in an incredibly beautiful area--wish I could have been a fly on the wall (or on the beach). Thanks for sharing!

  2. looks like a fantastic time!

  3. You guys are GREAT - wish I was a beehive!! Love the last photo, what good-looking girls, they just look so full of the spirit.

  4. OH ..WOW... i have already told Lisa we want a leaders Overnighter just like that one.... why should you girls have all the fun!!!!! it really looked like so much fun too....

  5. Great pics lisa! It looks like i'm missing out on a whole lotta fun. Keep up the good work guys.

  6. I wish i was a beehive!!!! Looks like heaps of fun! :) The photos are amazing as usual, but are you sure you were even there?? As you aren't in a single one! =P

  7. aww Im excited for Darbs to be a Beehive!

  8. Oh my goodness i just went back for a second look and i didnt see a single sea gull while you were having lunch!!!!!!! how did you manage to order that on the day as well as the gorgeous weather?????
    Waht a super cool activity...


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