Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fab Friday

Yesterday we headed to Aurora Stadium for the Hawks 'Fab Friday'. It was very interesting being there with all the other Hawks supporters and one person dressed in their Crows gear.

Kobe was really excited to go and was especially excited to do a bit of shopping - keep dreaming Kobester! :)

He was a bit freaked out by Ronald McDonald though (who could blame him!) and wasn't keen for a photo with the boys.

He of course loved seeing Hawka - especially since it wasn't Aaron in the suit this time!

As usual we waited for ages for the team to come out.

We didn't mind though as it was fun just hanging out and giving Chrish crap while we could (it will probably change today when the Hawks play the Crows).

Even Hawka gave it to him -pretending he was going to shake his hand and then giving him the big fake out. Chrish also gave him the big fake out at the same time, so we were wetting ourselves laughing.

The team finally came out and did a little bit of training.

Josh Gibson is injured so he came around to meet people and sign autographs while the team was training. Kobe was blowing raspberries so he decided to blow one back at him! So funny.

Harri was so excited to get most of the players to sign his top. I kept reminding him to say 'thank you' to them and he saw Cyril Ryoli coming towards him and yelled 'I'm about to say thank you to CYRIL RYOLI!!!!'. He was sooooo excited.

Afterwards we walked out the front and waited to see the players leave on the bus.

We were the only ones waiting which was great as it meant the boys got to muck around and have a kick while we were waiting.

This photo taken by Chrish

Kobe was guarding the bus so they wouldn't take off before we got to see them ;)

Finally they came out and the boys gave them all high fives as they walked past. Thanks Chrish for snapping these photos for us.

We had to grab Buddy and Hodgie for a photo before they left.

They were both really lovely and happy to stop for us. buddy always seems nicer and more willing to sign autographs and take photos when there isn't a huge crowd around.

It was a fun afternoon - hopefully getting us ready for another fun afternoon today when the Hawks V Crows.


  1. Wowee! Awesome photos! i especially love the one of your mum & Kobe walking alone on the wall, and the close up of Noah...
    Oooh and nice new header too! :)

  2. Great photos. Love the one with Buddy - did you do anything to his eyes or are they just "sparkly" naturally? He seems SO much friendlier this year!

  3. And I must say that Hodgie is looking mighty fine.
    Love Mum.

  4. I'm with Kobe re Ronald McDonald. I think he is freaky too.

  5. HI! I know you have been leaving comments on my blog and I am SO happy to meet you. Your little boy just warms my heart. And you are right - they are SO similar. Thank you for sharing him with me. I just might become your biggest fan all the way over here in NH. It's too bad we don't live closer. I would LOVE LOVE to meet you. I'll be back. :) (again and again and again)

  6. Hi Becky!!! I'm so excited to hear from you. I wish we had made contact before now. I don't know how I didn't since you are also LDS. I would LOVE to meet you too :)
    thinking of you and your family at this hard time. Would love to keep in touch.


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