Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Rainbow Dance

I know!! Lots of blogging going on at the moment! We have bought a new computer and boy is it fast!!! I am having a lot more fun editing photos now that I can edit 20 photos in the same time that it took me to edit 5 BNC (before new computer!). I told Aaron it's a good thing as it will hopefully mean there will be more house work done and less time spent on the computer :)

Last week we had a dance for the youth from church. This time the theme was 'Rainbow'. Everyone dressed up in some awesome costumes, with lots of bright colours.

Aaron was the M.C for the night and had lots of fun hassling the youth to dance with each other, and cracking stupid jokes all night.

President Walters even made a special appearance with his mate, Kermit!

President Jared came along and helped judge the 'dance off' competition. Whenever he would tap someone on the shoulder it meant they were out and had to sit down. Supposedly he wasn't too happy with my camera still being in! ;)

Check out Jared's dance moves as he taps Sam out!! No wonder Jacquie married him! :)


  1. A real hidden talent in President Jared.
    Love Mum.

  2. Jared has got the moves! I cracked up at this! :) it was a good dance. Even though there weren't all that many people it was still lots of fun! :) cool photos Lisa :D


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