Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cousins from Near and Far

Last week was a very up and down week with Nan's funeral, but it was also a lovely week seeing lots of family again. Penny made the huge trip back for the funeral from the USA. I know how much she wished she could've been at Pop's funeral, so it was extra special to have her home for Nan's. I don't envy her having to travel so far with a little one.

Later in the week we caught up at Toni's house. We had the best childhood growing up together, swimming at Nan and Pop's river and seeing each other all the time. It's still nice to catch up and to have our kids play together. Elliot loved being out and about with lots of space to play in.

Kobe loved playing out on their massive deck.

Lil was so great posing for me to take photos. I loved taking photos of her as I hardly get to take photos of little girls.

Tommy didn't mind me taking his photo either :)

Oscar on the otherhand wasn't so cooperative, but was keen for me to get a photo of his toy.

Seeing my cousins again reminds me of how much fun we used to have as kids and makes me realise how lucky we were to grow up so close to each other, and to have such amazing grandparents.


  1. aaawwwww...those pics of lil are SOOOO cute!!!!!

    you are a star :)

  2. Lil is so pretty...love her hair!! and LOVE toni's tops for her! (kels calls them top-dresses)


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