Thursday, 16 July 2009


Yesterday was a very exciting day. A few months ago Aaron and I booked tickets to see Pink on the spur of the moment. When I heard she was touring Australia I said to Aaron how awesome it would be to go and see her, but know how hard it is to get away for a period of time with Noah, so we just forgot about it. Then one afternoon I was having a nanna nap and Aaron had put one of her CDs on while I was in bed. I kept waking up and hearing different songs and kept thinking 'I LOVE that song!', then another song would come on and I would then think 'oh no - I love THAT song!', and every song that came it was the same. I got out of bed and said to Aaron 'let's just go and see Pink - I love all of her songs, and we never do anything like that'. We then jumped on the net and booked tickets. The only concert we could get in Melbourne was in the middle of the week which was going to be tricky with Aaron's work, but we found a flight that would go over in the afternoon and get back the next morning before he had to be at school. We quickly booked it before we changed our minds and have waited months for it to come!

Mum was brave enough to agree to come and look after all four boys. I was a little stressed about leaving Noah as I have never actually left him overnight with anyone except for Aaron when he was in hospital. The night before we left I actually had a dream that I was running late to catch the plane as I was trying to get Noah's breathing to settle down before we left. I then got to the airport just in time to catch the plane, but I had no shoes on and forgot the Pink tickets so we couldn't go to the concert anyway! I tried to not stress too much as I knew Mum had looked after the boys a lot lately and that she knew how to deal with Noah well so I decided to just try to enjoy the time away without worrying about the boys too much. It was exciting as I hadn't been away to the mainland with just Aaron for 11 years!! The last time we flew by ourselves together was when we went to an Oasis concert in Melbourne. We were both VERY excited to have a kid free night!

I was even excited about just being on the plane with no kids!! No kids to entertain for an hour, no kids to make sure their ears weren't hurting, no kids to feed snacks to, no kids to pass books and colouring in books to, no kids to grizzle and complain and ask when we were going to get there!! Of course we decided to make the most of an hour long, kid free plane trip. Aaron paid some extra money to watch Fox sports which he thought was worth the whole trip!

I decided to have a nap :)
It was very exciting flying into Melbourne and seeing the city.

We caught the Skybus from the airport and was happy to have made it in good time which meant we had a couple of hours in the city before we had to get to our hotel and the concert.

I'm glad that Aaron has been to Melbourne a lot as I had no clue what I was doing, or where to go. He knew exactly where to go to catch the trams and which one to jump on for different places.

We walked around the city for a couple of hours. I felt like a real country bumpkin being excited by all the things we don't see in Tassie - like policemen on horses in the middle of the city.

Aaron was excited to go to his favourite shop - Rebel Sports. It was huge.

Off the Bourke Street Mall is this awesome alley way which is totally covered in graffitti on both sides. There were heaps of people in there taking photos or videoing every time we walked past. I couldn't help but think how much Chelsea would love it for her photos!

Stuck in the alley was a sign of someone trying to sell some Pink tickets.

We grabbed some tea and then caught a train up towards the MCG and Rod Laver Arena which is near where our hotel was. It was just a cheap little place, but it was only a couple of blocks from the MCG so it was very handy.

We dumped all our gear before heading off to the concert. The city looked beautiful all lit up.

It was really exciting walking past the MCG on the way. Aaron has been there a lot before, but he was still excited to be there and even more excited to know he will be back there next week with the school footy trip - to watch three games in three days with thirty students and two other teachers.

The supporting act was Evermore. I've never been a huge fan of them, but like a few of their songs so it was great just seeing them. I had fun stirring Chrish up as he said he liked them, so I would ring him whenever they were playing one of their well known songs.

They played for about 45 minutes, and then while they were setting up for Pink there was a DJ up the front playing different tracks. He was actually really good and played some great songs. When he started playing Michael Jackson songs the crowd really started getting into it - clapping, singing and dancing. It was lots of fun and a great atmosphere as everyone was so happy and excited to see Pink. The camera men started filming different people and it would flash up on the three big screens. It was hilarious watching people see themselves on the screen dancing and then they would get all embarassed or excited and dance even more.

Pink finally came out two hours after the concert was supposed to start! It was sooo exciting. It started off with Pink singing AC/DCs - 'Highway to Hell' without us seeing her and then she came literally flying out of the floor as she was on strings which lifted her in the air! I had heard that she did that a bit through the concert and also saw it on Rove, so thought that was it for the night, but she went back up again, and again and again! She was absolutely incredible! She would sometimes only hold on with one leg or one arm and did so many amazing tricks and flips.

The set was so incredible. It was made to look like a funhouse and had big screens with flashing lights around them and slides.

During the 'Funhouse' song two big blow up clowns came up.

She sang lots of tracks of her new album and also some old favourites too which I was very excited about as I love the songs 'Who Knew', and 'Trouble' which she sang.

She also sang a couple of covers. She did a great job of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Throughout the concert she joked a lot about being put on YouTube and even made reference to her wanting us to put things on YouTube that she wanted certain people to see . Her voice was incredible the whole time. She sounds just as good live as on her albums. It was unreal to think that she was flying around the room a lot of the time and flipping upside down and still singing so well. You wouldn't have even known that she was doing somersaults and singing as she sounded so good. We took our little point and shoot camera so the pictures aren't good quality, but it was lucky as we can video with it. I actually recorded lots of the songs which are so great to watch now to remember how good she was. This video is of the first song of the encore. If you can watch it to the end as the end of it is awesome!!! (sorry about my poor skills on the camera - I was getting a bit excited at times and the camera was going everywhere!).

It was sad when it was all over. Aaron and I both said you could never go to a better concert, and if we had the money we would be back over there again next week in a flash.

We got three and a half hours of broken sleep, before we had to get up to catch the taxi to get to the airport. We arrived just in time for Aaron to get to school in the morning. It was nice flying back into a sunny Tassie day - even though it was a very chilly 5 degrees!

Thanks again Mum for babysitting and letting us have a great night away on our own.


  1. I can't believe you managed to smuggle a camera in to Rod Laver!!! Well done. So glad you guys had so much fun. You deserve it!

  2. Fiona - everyone had cameras and they were going off all night! Pink didn't care at all - she actually kept referring to them all night and saying to put things she was saying up on YouTube for her P.A to see etc.
    I actually saw one of the ushers taking pics for people with the stage behind them so it must've been okay. I'm so glad as it's nice to have the photos and video from concert.

  3. And all I got was a lousy t-shirt!!
    I,m glad you both had a great time.
    I enjoyed my night with the boys and especially Noah.
    He doesn't chuck tanties.
    I bet the boys gave me a low score for babysitting.
    They will be begging you not to go away again. l.o.l.
    Love Mum.

  4. Sounds like you had an AWESOME time Lisa!! I've heard the pink concert was just AMAZING! Glad you got to go and enjoy yourself!!!!

  5. how very cool! looks like you guys had so much fun.
    the concert looked awesome - i'm jealous!
    but you guys deserve a fun night away more than anyone i know :)

  6. Great to see that you both had an amazing time and got a night off from being the 'mum and dad' of four young boys.

  7. WHAT a perfect little trip away! You look like a young married couple! Kisses on the cheek, husband taking photos of you sleeping.... he he! And thanks for thinking of me with the graffiti wall. It did look very cool, love how tall the walls are and how close they are together!

  8. Chels- it was a VERY cool wall - because they were so tall and close together and TOTALLY covered in graffiti it looked amazing. Every time we went past there were people in there taking photos - I wanted to push them out and tell them it was my turn!!! :)

  9. That looks like such a fun night! Awesome pics, even for your little digital camera. Very good! :)

  10. and Lisa, do you know I have never heard of Pink!!!

  11. CHELSEA!!!!!!!! You can NOT be serious!!!! I'm sure you have heard some of her songs. She is HUGE. She sold out 56 concerts in Australia!!!!

  12. It sounds like you had a fantastic time - you'll need a holiday to recover!

  13. I can't believe you've never heard of Pink Chelsea...I love her songs! I am so jealous Lisa, it sounds like it was wonderful. Not the broken 3 hours sleep part though, Aaron probably got through the day at work due to being on a high!!!!

  14. Sounds like it was a real blast, Lisa! I'm so glad you and your hubby got to go to that, by yourselves, no less! How great your mom was able to watch all your kiddos.

  15. Did you like the Divinyls song that she sang and the red couch?

    Angela F

  16. I know this is an old post but I just found it! :)
    I saw P!nk when she was on her Funhouse tour in Seattle, WA, USA. She was AMAZING! As soon as I heard she was touring this year I called my girlfriends and we all decided to get tickets for her concert in Seattle in October this year. I am so excited!!! I love her new album, but I think off all her albums, Funhouse is my favorite.

    1. Isn't she awesome in concert! She is coming to Australia in July and August and I'm so sad that she's sold out already and that I wasn't on the ball enough to think about booking tickets. I would love to see her again. I'm hoping she will extend her trip here like last time. Enjoy the concert in October! Very jealous :)


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