Monday, 7 June 2010

Autumn Photoshoot

Over the weekend I took some photos for Pip and Ben. Even though they are my good friends it was still nerve wracking taking photos for them. I always just hope the photos turn out okay and that they will like them. Although it's the beginning of winter, there are some amazing autumn leaves around still, so it really seemed like it was an autumn photoshoot, with lots of photos taken with the beautiful leaves.

Oliver was cracking me up. Pip reminded him that they were there for me to take photos of them and he had to listen and do what I asked him to do. He was so cute, posing for me with this huge grin on his face as he stood there waiting for me to take photos. That lasted about 15 minutes, and he then had enough and decided that posing for me wasn't as much fun as he thought, and was keen to go for a ride on the train and to play at the playground.

The funniest thing was Ben who kept muttering things under his breath like 'do we have to?!', 'I feel your pain Oli' and 'it's not about us, it's about the kids'. Don't worry Ben - I totally understand how you feel as I'm much more comfortable behind the camera, than in front of it.

Despite Ben's complaining, Oliver getting sick of doing it and just wanting to go on the train, and Tilda's attitude telling me 'no!', it was lots of fun and hopefully I got some photos that they are happy with. There will be lots more over on my image blog.


  1. very special togetherness captured perfectly there Lisa

  2. Love this family.
    Love Mum.


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