Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The last leaves of autumn

I have so much blogging to catch up on. A month or so ago I had driven past the Brickfields a few times on the way to town, and couldn't believe how beautiful all the autumn leaves looked all over the ground. I knew I just had to take the boys there for some photos, before they were all cleaned up. The entire ground was just covered in them.

Aaron calls me the paparazzi but he was just as bad as me, taking photos on his phone.

He is such a good Dad (don't tell him I said that though!;) and the boys loved mucking around with him at the park.

It was a fun afternoon - even though it was quite chilly!.

I always say I hate autumn as it just reminds me that winter is coming, but I think I've changed my mind now, since it's such a great opportunity for pretty photos :) Now I just hate winter... I'm so looking forward to being able to take some photos of the blossoms in bloom! Is it just me or does everyone else see life through a camera lens!!? Now all I can think of when I'm out and about is 'that would be a cool photo!' :)


  1. I LOVE it when there's heaps of leaves!!

  2. looks like so much fun...loved leaves soooo much as a kid! I am hating winter this year! Bring on the sunshine.

  3. went past there today and there are no leaves left...then i come home and your post was here...LOVE IT...Thanks for reminding me how awesome is Autumn...
    how is the searching, looking and diciding going ..need a hand yet???? I am free for a day out to go places... boring for some but exciting for us ..kids and all!!!!Just name the day time and place...i am yours..he he

  4. Re Nettie's comment - sounds like a good day to use the birthday voucher. :)

    I love love the one of Aaron and the boys looking into the phone but I can;t go past the last one of Noah. I love it when he is awake for a photo :) maybe he sleeps more during the day than at night cos he knows you wil be taking heaps of pics. ;)

  5. i absolutely LOVE all the pictures in this post!! especially the one of the boys looking at aaron's phone, and the one of Kobe with his hand on his head! LOVE it!! :)

  6. Love the second picture of Kobe on his bike! So cute!

  7. awwww love leaves, it reminds me of Upstate NY,,,, it was HUGE. Cool pics Lis. A a happy belated 9th bday to Noah!!!!! Been slack here with sick kids and cripple Dave,

  8. My Stevie is sitting beside me adoring your pictures and asking me "are those professional pictures?" Your pictures are so stunning. And the fall IS so beautiful.


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