Saturday, 18 July 2009

Broken Leg

Today has brought me back down to earth with a thud! Just as we were on a high from our overnight trip away to see Pink, today reminds me that life with a child with a disability is anything but normal. Sometimes I start to think that life is just normal as everything seems to be going along well. Then something happens like this morning. I rolled Noah over at about 4 am like I usually do as he was waking up. This usually means he is getting uncomfortable and once you roll him he settles back down to sleep. I rolled him over and he even gave me a little smile as I rubbed his head.

Then at 6.45 am he woke up again - absolutely screaming like he was in major pain. I quickly jumped up to him and rubbed his chest hoping it was just something like and that he would stop. Sometimes when he wakes up he is a little bit stiff and has a bit of a complain until you rub his body and he loosens up. This was a different kind of a scream though - one where I knew he was in lots of pain. I picked him up and put him in bed with me and he fell back to sleep while I was cuddling him. Then at about 7.45 he woke again and started crying straight away. I got him up and we stripped him off trying to work out what it was. Straight away I saw that his left knee was swollen. I knew straight away that we needed to take him up to the hospital to get it checked out.

Five hours later he is back home, laying on the couch, with a full leg cast on. His leg is actually broken! :(

The Dr sent us off for an X-ray and after the first one was done I heard the radiographer looking at the film say to the one setting up for the next shot to get a 'lot of the femur in the next one'. The other radiographer went back to check out why and then went 'oh no'. I asked him what was wrong and he said it was fractured. I felt awful as I had no clue how it happened or when. Kids with cerebral palsy often have fragile bones, so anything could have caused it - Kobe falling on top of him, knocking it into something or just picking him up. I am now wondering whether it happened when we put him to bed or when I rolled him over during the night as he seemed fine all yesterday.

He has to have the cast on for 4 weeks and has to go back to the fracture clinic this week to get it checked out. I have a feeling we may be back before then to get it re-plastered as I think it's going to cause a lot of pressure marks up high on his leg as it's already rubbing in. It will be worse if he has to sit up in his wheelchair as it really cuts into his leg

He was in a lot of pain when they put the cast on and screamed down A&E. Poor Angela Vinen was actually in there also and was in an isolation room with a mask on as she has the flu. She heard Noah screaming and I looked in and she was crying as she felt sorry for him. I felt bad for her. I was actually a bit anxious being in there with how many very sick people were coming in with the flu. They all had to put masks on. The boys thought it was pretty cool though that I grabbed a couple of masks for them on the way out! Jalen now thinks he really is like Michael Jackson!


  1. :( :( I hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. Poor little Noah. It is so frustrating when you know that something is wrong and they can't tell you what it is. We have been in that boat with Lottie a few times and ended up at A & E to check her over so far no broken but they do give you an odd look for asking them to Xray and check. Hope that you get the cast sorted out soon nothing worse than having him feel more uncomfortable than he already would be feeling.

  3. Too sad for words.

    I have heard that talc or even cornflour can help with the superficial rubbing and chaffing under plaster, but it sounds like Noah's is worse.

  4. What can I say but poor little man. Off sick all week with a cold and now a broken leg. Hopefully he is not in pain with it for too long.

  5. Let's hope tonight will be a better one for both of you :-(

  6. Poor Noah, poor you. I hope the pain lets up and you get some sleep back. At least it is winter I hear the itching in a summer cast can be unbearable!

  7. oh no poor Noah. I'm sure they would recast it for you. Neither of you need any more complications!
    When Reuben was 13 months old he broke his leg. I too had no idea where or when it happened and I felt terrible because he had been limping for 2 1/2 days!!!! I thought he was mucking around with a new walk!! He wasn't complaining or crying at all. In fact we were sent home from the ER because they thought he was fine. We were called back for x-rays to discover he had a fractured tibia (right through). We still have his tiny cute. We also have his latest cast - he broke his arm on the last day of school last year! BOYS.

    You know what this means though? good things are around the corner :)

  8. Oh no...that's terrible :( i hope Noah is ok and is comfortable again soon.
    The MJ masks are cool, my boys have been moon walking EVERYWHERE!!!
    Looks like you guys had a blast in Melbourne too!

  9. omgoodness! How terrible and scary to think it could just break like that :( I would get the cast redone! My Katie had a full leg cast when she had her tendon release surgery and the cast was too tight and it caused horrible pressure sores that took a year and a half to heal!!
    We will keep yall in our prayers and give Noah lots of huggles and slobbers from us :)

  10. oh flip.... that sucks. Get well soon Noah. Dont scream too much for your Mumma.


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