Thursday, 17 June 2010

36 long but good years!

Today is my birthday which is not something I usually get excited about (especially as I'm not past my version of middle age - anything past 35 is all downhill to me! ;) unlike Aaron who LOVES his birthday and plans it 6 months ahead!

The boys showered me with presents - some that I picked out myself (love birthday shopping for myself - especially when the winter stocktake sales are on!) and some 'surprises'. Last night after school Aaron took the boys out shopping. As I was taking Harri to his swimming lesson I said 'so....what did you buy me for my birthday Harri!?' to which he replies 'not telling Mum! We didn't get you any ugg boots and didn't get you a photo frame!'. Oh boy he cracks me up so much. Then he realises he may have given it away and says 'but I'm not allowed to tell you'. Of course Aaron wasn't impressed that Harri had given away the surprise presents, but he did suprise me with a mini tripod for my camera which really was a surprise and a great one at that!

The boys made me some cards. Harri was very proud of his handrawn heart and kept asking me over and over again 'do you like it Mummy!?' and Jalen's said 'Happy 36th Birthday'. You've lived 36 long, but good years'!!!! Oh boy I was laughing. He obviously thinks I'm REALLY old!

I had a lovely day - starting off with a class at the gym with one of my favourite gym buddies. Although I didn't appreciate her comment as we were saying goodbye of 'see you tomorrow if you can get out of bed, the arthritis may set in now you are getting old!'.

I then headed out to Pip's for a catch up and a hair cut. It's amazing how much a hair cut can make you feel better.

As an extra special surprise Aaron arranged for Di to come and do In Home Support later than usual and asked her if she minded looking after the other three boys as well as Noah. She didn't mind at all, so Aaron took me out for tea to the Prickly Cactus. It was so nice to go out together and really nice that he arranged it all for me :)

Before bed we took some photos using my new mini tripod and remote. Some of the photos are cracking me up - especially this one - so typically Harri!

The boys were giving me a birthday kiss in this one, except for Harri who is concentrating hard on using the remote to take the photo!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards, pressies, texts, facebook messages and phone calls. It made me feel very special. Here's hoping that the next 36 years won't be as long as the last! ;)


  1. yay... so glad you had a great day Lisa! That cheeky Simone and her arthritis comment!!!! I reckon RSI you to get RSI in your shooting finger will happen before arthritis!!! ... with all your photo taking!!!! Happy birthday Lis xox

  2. oh gee Chels,.... proof read before you press send eh!!!!

  3. happy birthday Lisa- looks like all those boys took good care of you! what a good husband to organize a babysitter and dinner. I'd be very happy with that too

  4. Happy Birthday! Glad your birthday was a good one and you got some surprises - even if Harri did give some of them away - SO cute!!

    Loving your photos, you're doing awesome!

  5. Happy birthday Lisa! Hope your day was brilliant! Sorry I never got around to commenting on you 1000th post, but just so you know, I read your blog all the time! Xx

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa, sounds like you had a very nice day. Love the pics

  7. We have SO much in common - I can't believe we are the SAME age. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman. I hope it was a HAPPY one! :)

  8. Glad it was good. The boys did well to get you a tripod. I wouldn't go worrying about your one grey hair coming in!

  9. oh well i can claim that old age makes you slow and it takes ages for things to sink in (like waht day it is!!)...and this proves it... i missed your birthday and i'm a day late sending you happy Birthday Wishes...but then maybe i am getting in early for next year...Love ya...Have a great year and with all that new equipment i am sure you will...

  10. Happy Birthday again! I almost missed this post, you blog stuff so fast!!
    I hope you had an awesome day :) And i love these two photos! Soooo cute!!!


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