Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hawks V Crows

Sorry to whoever commented that the blog could do with less posts about the Hawks, but here is another one for you :) Yesterday we watched the Hawks V Crows live at Aurora. I knew it was going to be a tense day with my boys and Mum going for the Hawks and poor Chrish sitting with us and being one of the few in a crowd of thousands, going for the crows. Di was so nice and looked after Noah and Kobe for us so we could go and enjoy the game without having to worry about Kobe getting bored.

We got family memberships this year and were really happy with our seats. It was a beautiful winters day so it was cold in the shade, but so warm where we were sitting.

We ran into lots of people there. Kylie and Shayne and the kids were in the same area as we were.

Tim and Jai were sitting just a few rows down from us. Poor Tim could hear Aaron yelling the entire game!

Tayla decided to join the other Crows supporters for the day. Should've gone with the Hawks, Tay ;)

Of course no trip to the footy is complete without a dagwood dog :)

We were all decked out in our Hawks gear - socks and all.

It was all fun and games before the game started.

But it didn't take long for the mood to change - especially for Chrish. It didn't help that Aaron kept rubbing it in his face - literally!

I felt very sorry for Chrish being surrounded by so many crazy Hawks supporters. Just look what he had to put up with!

It was a fun afternoon (for some of us - sorry Chrish!).


  1. ohhhh CHrish... what were you thinking putting yourself through that!!!!

  2. Poor Chrish! You guys better watch out on the way to games. Otherwise you'll get some V8 riff raff onto you. Ha ha!

  3. I was hoping for a miracle that we might actually win another game :)

    There's always next week now!!!

  4. we were there too! Looks like you're not far from us. We have seats in Pritchard Pocket. So nice to have the sun on us. Two years ago we were under the coaches box which was great but freezing and really wet. I'm happy if i'm in the sun...oh and when we win :)

  5. Thank goodness they won. I really felt for Christian (especially sitting with you guys!)

    Love the photo of Lol

  6. hmmm... I have lived down here for seven years now... maybe I should pick a team?!

  7. hmmm... I have lived down here for seven years now... maybe I should pick a team?!

  8. Love that pic of Harri, he looks so excited...
    Go the Crows ='(

  9. Oh THANK you for saying "Hello" on Caleb's wink from Heaven blog! You have a beautiful family! It's a real blessing to find families where you feel connected in such a sweet and tender ways. I'm looking forward to knowing you!


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