Wednesday, 30 June 2010

20 years and 13 kids

Today Kobe, Noah and I headed out to Pip's house for a catch up with the girls again before Mel flies back to Queensland tomorrow. Noah is a bit chesty this week, so I've kept him home with me all week just so I can keep an eye on him. I personally think he's just loved wagging and hanging out with me and Kobe every day. Can't you tell how excited he is! ;)

It's always nice to get together with the girls while the kids have fun playing together.

It's been twenty years since we left high school and between the four of us there today, we have thirteen kids. It's strange to think that as when we get together it still feels like are the same as we were in high school.

Noah wasn't very excited to play with everyone, but decided to sleep the afternoon away on the couch instead :)

Mel's kids are on school holidays at the moment, so it's nice they could come down to spend some time with their Nan. They are lovely kids and were so good, helping with the little ones.

Annie looked so cute in her fairy dress. Supposedly she wears it whenever they go out.

Bec thought she'd try out Noah's wheelchair for size. Just getting ready for the the time in the future when all our kids put us in a home and we can no longer get around like we do now ;)

Just as we were about to leave Noah decided to wake up (his usual wake up time in the afternoon) and Kobe flaked it instead.


  1. 20 years! Wowee- older than me! =P I love the pic of Annie at the gate- super cute! And Noah's huge yawn in the van!!! :)

  2. hi lisa, your lucky i luv u or you would be in big trouble!!! two bad pics of me in two weeks!!!!! (not happy with the double chin) as for the other pics and the blog,lovely!!!nice to see noah woke after you went!!luv pip

  3. ha ha Pip!! First of all I'm shocked you commented on my blog and second of all you are beautiful and have nothing to worry about!!!

  4. I am so shocked as well that Pip commented on your blog.
    Yes we will always comment if we think you should photo-shop more.
    It is lovely to see all the kids that you have all had after all these years.I saw Bec after I left your house with her kids.
    Annie looked a picture in her fairy dress.
    Love Mum.

  5. The blog was interesting. But I was not able to recognize that name. But I like your blog.

  6. Oh my goodness i thought you were going to introduce us to a school friend who had been married 20 years and had 13 kids..... !!!!
    Loving all the pics you clever talented YOU...
    the last one is priceless... oh to have so much fun in one day....

  7. Wow - all those kids! They're all wonderful! Great to see pinds of Deloraine High mums. Everyone looks so great.

  8. That's amazing! What great pictures. :) Noah totally cracks me up. Ben was the same way when it came to big gatherings...he slept his way through them.

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