Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Visiting Nan and Pop

On Sunday after church we thought it would be a good opportunity to visit Nan and Pop's grave with the boys. Harri kept saying that Pop wasn't in there as he couldn't see his coffin when Nan was buried. Jay was very reflective and reverent.

Unlike Kobe who had no clue where we were and ran around like a chook. I'm sure Nan and Pop would've loved that he was having fun near them.

We also went to see Daniel's grave and although we have talked to the boys about it a lot, Harri all of a sudden clicked and said 'your BROTHER is in there?!'. It's like he just heard it for the first time. He probably understands what it means now, since going to Nan and Pop's funerals this year.

It's still hard to believe that Nan and Pop aren't actually here anymore. Chrish and I were saying last week that we thought they would always be around.


  1. Beautiful pictures. What happened to Daniel? So raw for me still...especially to see freshly dug graves. I'm sorry you guys are missing Nan and Pop. Thank goodness for the knowledge that families are forever.

  2. Oh what tender pictures. Thinking of you as you miss your parents and brother...

  3. Beautiful pictures. We are so lucky in the knowledge we have.. Your boys have such a healthy understanding of death. xxxx

  4. as i read this ...i pondered on the realization that we will soon be going through this "portal of life's journey" with at least four of our aged family members soon...thank you for reminding me how blessed we are to know of the Plan of Salvation.... but as mortals we will still feel the pains of seperation i know...thinking of you... and pray that we all can be a Kobey ...play & run with those spirits now set free...


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