Thursday, 17 December 2009

Almost School Holidays

Today was the boys last day at school for the year. One more day and Aaron will also be on school holidays as well, and we can really relax for 7 weeks or so! I'm SO glad that Aaron decided to be a teacher :) I always have mixed emotions about the last day. I'm sad as the boys love school so much and this year they have all had a great year, but am so glad to be out of the school routine of getting up early and getting everyone off to school.

It's always sad for them to say goodbye to their class and teachers.The other night we were talking about school and I asked Jalen which year has been the best and he said 'this one!'. I asked him if his teacher Miss Wells was the best teacher he has ever had and he didn't hesitate to say yes, even though he had a fantastic year last year as well.

During the week the boys got their reports and found out who their teacher is for next year. Jay got an excellent report but didn't care at first as he found out that his two best friends - Brayden and Katherine were both going to be in different classes next year. As soon as he found out he laid on the floor and started sobbing. It was so sad to see as I knew how much he wanted to be with them. After ringing his teacher to see who was actually going to be in his class, he calmed down a little bit as he knew he would have his friend Rani with him and also lots of other boys from his class this year. Today he was really excited after meeting his new teacher with his new class and was excited to hear all the things they will be doing next year - including getting a brand new classroom that is being built right now. He will be a grade 5 in a 4/5 class which I am happy about. He has gained a lot of confidence this year being one of the older ones in a 3/4, so I'm glad he will be again.

Harri saw Jay get upset about not being with his friends next year, so he started stressing about which class he was going to be in as well. He has three really good friends in Kinder - Joe (who lives 4 houses down the road), Ryan and Keylan. On Tuesday we heard that Ryan and Keylan weren't going to be his Prep class with him. He had exactly the same reaction as Jay - started sobbing and kept saying 'they are my best friends forever and I want to be in Prep with them'. Ryan was also very sad that Harri wasn't going to be with him, but they hope to catch up over the summer.

This morning Harri asked Joe which class he was going to be in. He told us and they were so excited to know they were going to be together. They both started jumping up and down and hugging each other.

Harri has had a great year in Kinder and is excited to hear that his teacher Mrs Vincent is going to be up at the 'big school' teaching grade 1/2 next year. He is looking forward to seeing her a lot more.

For weeks Harri has been excited to bring home his cushion that he made at school. Today he finally got to bring it home. It is so cute - the picture is of him and Jalen as superheroes.

After recess today the school had their last assembly for the year. Jalen's class ran it and got to perform their class dance again. Kobe and I went up to watch. It 's so great seeing how much fun they have together as a class.

I videoed it again as I wanted to get some close up footage of Jalen, but Kobe wasn't cooperating. Half the time I had to keep him quiet and stop him going up on stage with Jalen - which is why the end of the video is actually very close to the stage as I had to chase him up the front. Beware of Jalen's MJ pelvic thrust at the end!

Jalen had been hearing Aaron and I talking a lot about the '12 Days of Christmas' song that we were doing at the Youth Christmas Fest and he also did the 'Aussie 12 Days of Christmas' with the Primary kids at our ward Christmas party. On Tuesday he said he was walking around at lunch time and started to think of words that could go with the 12 days of Christmas, with a school theme. By the end of the day he came up with a song that his teacher loved. She helped him think of the 11th and 12th day lyrics, but said Jay thought about everything else and the class decided to sing it in assembly today. Jay was VERY excited!

The lyrics he came up with were:
On the first day of Christmas my teacher gave to me 'a baby in our Principal's tummy' (she got pregnant and left before the end of the year).
On the second day of Christmas my teacher gave to me 'two teachers on duty'
On the third day of Christmas my teacher gave to me 'three terms of school'
On the fourth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me 'four new classrooms' (being built with the economic stimulus package)
On the fifth day of Christmas my teacher gave me '5 super subjects'
On the six day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '6 new computers' (each class got 6 new computers this year)
On the seventh day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '7 builders, building' (the new classrooms)
On the eighth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '8 weeks of holidays'
On the ninth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '9 lost footballs'
On the tenth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '10 months of school work'
On the eleventh day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '11 great assistants'
On the twelth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me '12 tired teachers'

After school Jay was excited to tell me that lots of teachers were coming up to him saying that they loved it. This is the very short version of it, with just the 12 verse :)

Noah didn't get to go to Punchbowl for his last day as Di is still off work after having an accident. This morning at 7am I rolled him over in bed, and put his bed up to give him his neb. I was shocked to see he was actually wide awake and really alert and looking happy, as he is usually really sound asleep still. I joked with him that he must've been excited about the last day of school. When I dropped him at school he was still wide awake which was a bigger surprise. At 2.30 I went to pick him up so he could go to Punchbowl to say goodbye to his class and teachers and he was asleep! I wasn't surprised at all and they told me he had the best day ever and was awake for most of the day and was really enjoying everything they did.

He woke up for a few minutes, but by the time we got to Punchbowl he was starting to drift back off to sleep. The kids didn't care at all and were so excited to see him and all came over to touch him and talk to him.

Miss Wells' class is next door to Noah's and the kids are obviously inspired with the dancing that goes on next door. They asked me if Noah and I would like to see their dance they had put together, so of course we said yes! 5 of them are in Noah's class next year which is actually going to be with Miss Wells. We are so happy that he will be in there and know he will have a great year. I did ask her how she is going to include him in the choreography for the end of year dance next year, and she said she was watching 'Glee' to get some inspiration ;)

Next year Noah will be doing the same as he has this year - three days at Newstead Heights and two days at Punchbowl. We are hoping for a year of good health and no long periods off school like he had this year, with his broken leg.

One more day for Aaron and we can all start having lazy mornings instead of having to jump out of bed to make sure everyone is ready in time for school. Can't wait!


  1. so strange to hear you talk about summer break, when we are just getting into winter here.
    Have a great holiday

  2. This post is great. Love the 12 Days Of Christmas song. Sounds like Jay is a great entertainer. You better get Noah to practice his wheelchair moves over the summer:) I love Harri's cushion, it's very cute.

  3. LOVE the 12 days of Christmas song - especially about the Principal's baby! Is that Liz who's pregnant?

  4. Kylie - yes Liz had a baby girl - Lilly a couple of weeks ago.
    I just realised I had the REALLY long version of the 12 days video uploaded! It is now the very SHORT video :)

  5. That was a cool post.

    I want Harri's cushion - how awesome is that? I hope Oscar makes one like that next year!

    And how cool is Jay's 12 Days song? You must have been very proud :)


  6. nice to see Kate made the blog!!! Where's a picture of jay's wreath!!! and yes i'm going to enjoy the sleep-ins too xx

  7. So late to see this - but so nice to see Kate! I did my teacher training with her - way back :) What a lovely post, and a lovely memory.


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