Sunday, 1 August 2010

Looking Good

Noah is looking really good today. When we went to visit he was wide awake and alert, and even gave me a little smile when I stretched his arms up for him.

His sats are sitting at around 98-100% on 7 litres of oxygen (after scaring the nurses during the night when they dropped a little and they started cranking it up again - we had to remind them of his sleep study results a couple of months ago, and let them know that is quite normal) so it looks like we get to try to wean him off it a bit more today.

Now they have to try to work out why his heart rate is lower than it should be. It's better than being at 160 like it was, but it's not where it should be.


  1. how cool would that be.. a smile!!!
    good day.. expect for the crabby cleaner!!!

  2. I'm glad he/you had a good day - when you said he had to be hospitalized I was quite alarmed. Thanks for keeping everyone updated, even those of us that are from afar. I hope each day he continues to improve; what a beautiful boy!

  3. Yay for good days! And yay for slowly getting better :)

  4. Oops that was Me! - didnt realise mum was signed in on my laptop!

  5. He must be super
    Love Mum.

  6. That was Ben's normal. And when he was sleeping it would be like 38-42. A little alarming, but he lived like that for years. So happy he's feeling better! :)


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