Saturday, 11 July 2009

Monster Challenge

Last night we had a Stake Young Men and Young Women's activity called the 'Monster Challenge'. Aaron was once again the MC for the night (or 'Challenge Master' as he was otherwise known), and I organised lots of different challenges for the youth to participate in. Sacha made up an awesome flyer for it, so everyone was very excited about it. So excited that we had a lot of youth turn up - about 60 or more.

We started by putting them into 6 different groups. Each group was given a different coloured face paint to put on their cheeks. The first challenge was the 'late for seminary race'. Each person had to get dressed, skip with a skipping rope -in gumboots, dribble a basketball around witches hats and then pass the clothes onto their teammate at the other end, who did the same thing.

After each challenge scores were put up on a great scoreboard that Sacha also put together. For a win they got 10 points, and 2nd place got 5 points.

During each challenge Sarah played some great songs and sound bytes which really added to the fun atmosphere.

Throughout the night we had four food challenges which individuals or pairs from each team could compete in. The first food challenge was who could eat a dry weetbix the fastest.

The next challenge was the 'balloon pop'. Each person had a balloon which they had to put behind them. They then all had to run around and try to pop each others balloons while trying to protect their own.

The second food challenge was one done in pairs. I got a lot of my inspiration from the TV show 'Ellen' as she always has really fun games. The person sitting at the table was the 'mouth' while the person behind them acted as their arms, by putting their arms through. They were both blindfolded and the person at the back fed the person in the front green jelly with snake lollies in it. It was hilarious to watch.

It was fun seeing everyone's expressions as they watched the different challenges. Everyone was cracking up laughing.

The next challenge was 'musical cushions'. Two players from each team competed and were blindfolded while they danced to the music. When the music stopped they had to find a cushion to sit on. It was so funny watching them as they had no clue where the cushions were. Sometimes they were so close to one, but would then walk in the opposite direction.

The next challenge was a Q&A one with trivia questions from the movie Monsters Inc and also about the monsters on Sesame Street. I had made a powerpoint so as Aaron read the question and possible choices out, they would also project up on the wall. Indiviuals competed for their team and had to line up as the question was being read.

After the four possible answers were read out they then had to run to grab the monster toy in the middle of the hall. The first person to grab it got to answer the question.

I was worried there were going to be a few injurys as everyone was very competative.

We then played 'Actionary' which I don't have any photos of as I was busy helping out during the challenge. Actionary consisted of a mix of 'charades', 'pictionary' and using playdough. I had a list of words and the actions that went with them. One person from the team would run in and read the word and action and would then have to go back to their team and either act it out, draw it or make it with playdough. When they guessed it correctly another person from the team would come to get the next word.

The next challenge was tunnel ball. Aaron was in his element all night giving instructions, blowing his whistle and cracking stupid jokes (like calling himself 'man in a hot scarf' as an example when he was explaining how to play 'actionary').

We finished off the night with some great food challenges. The first one was who could eat a red chilli and raw onion the fastest. Not surprisingly it was all boys who wanted to compete.

This was by far the funniest thing of the night to watch. I felt so bad for them as they were all dry wretching about half way through. I brought along some milk for them and was laughing as they polished off 3 litres of it - trying to tone down the burning in their mouths!

The last food challenge was absolutely discusting. We had a blender and put in a heap of different foods that normally wouldn't be put together - tuna, baked beans, vinegar, sweet chilli sauce, olives, lettuce and dry biscuits. Once it was blended up they had to see who could drink half a cup of it the fastest. One of the guys actually drank his down really quick and then wanted more!! Gross!

Everyone who participated got a laminated certificate and the winning team also won a medal. Well done 'Team Mike' (thanks Jayne and Tayla for the photo of the winners that I 'borrowed' from Facebook!).

Thanks to everyone who came and for participating so well and helping make it a really great night! It was nice to have so many kids show up for it and also so many leaders.

Thanks again to Mum for babysitting for us - especially when Noah wasn't having a good day. I think she must be hating that I am now working in Stake YWs as we are getting her to babysit so often! We may as well just build a granny flat out the back so she can move in! ;)


  1. What a fun night and such an awesome turnout!
    You guys are certainly providing memorable experiences for the youth.

  2. It is great the youth are having 'memorable' activities.
    These are the memories that they will talk about in years to come.
    I had my own 'monster' activity going on at your house.
    Any time.
    Love Mum.

  3. We all had a great night, thanks so much for putting on great activities for us! Since i've been in the church we havnt had so many fantastic activities as we have since you, Toni and Sarah have been in YW, its great! Thanks for all the fun times and great memories!
    Also, Aaron is a great MC, we never used to have one (never used to have good food at dances either)! lol. Huge THANK YOU! We sure do appreciate you guys and the things you do for us... =D

  4. Hey Lisa did you see the house along the road has now dropped down to $240 The Bradburys from Del City were checking it out today...start the rumour...are they moving????? ...just ask me...i have the goss...he hehe

  5. The monster challenge looked like a lot of fun. Good on you.
    By the way, were they Hawthorn scarves used as blindfolds?

  6. hello 'anonymous' - whoever you are! :D
    Yes - the hawks scarves were used as blindfolds. We needed 12 blindfolds and luckily we had a LOT of Hawks scarves in the house :D

  7. Word from home is that this night was fantasic. Doesn't surprise me with the wonderful stake YW team they have down there in Devonport Stake. Well done to you guys. I knew you guys would make a solid team. Just what the youth are after. Oh yeah, I have learnt that the church is more true in Tassie. I miss Zion. Kristen

  8. Kristen Stancombe11 July 2009 at 16:58

    PS: good to see Jake Reeve in the Brown and Gold. Perhaps he has seen the light. Kristen

  9. The fact that you had 60 youth there is proof that you guys are 'smokin' and word is getting around about the 'awesome foursome' in stake YWs.

  10. hey lisa, last night was absolutely fantastic!! thankyou soo much for the work that you have all put in, you sarah and toni :) you guys are fantastic!! and tell arron that i have decided that he IS the 'hottest mc this side of del city' after all :P
    thanks again, love sam :)

  11. That looks like the funnest activity!! You reckon it would work with the Relief Society??!

  12. Carli - I think it would be heaps of fun in RS as long as you have a few women who are pretty game and don't mind a few laughs -with and at each other! :)
    If you want any more details just email me. If you wanted to make it a 'monster' theme I have monster trivia questions in a powerpoint if you wanted to just use the same one to save you some time. It WAS lots of fun and I'm sure people of any age would enjoy it. There were a few YSA there (one of who you are related to!;) and they said they wished they could've also joined in. Some of the leaders said the same thing.

  13. yeah, we rock.

    (okay, you rock)


  14. We ALL rock Tone :) You were rocking Tommy :)

  15. Wow what a great night it looks like and sounds like you all had! The youth all sound like they had a great night, now they are lg forawrd to the dance and the convention in Hobart!


  16. Yay you did a fantastic job Lisa. And the signage, music n mc was fantastic. The youth are totally buzzing about how great it is. It is interesting to hear the comments the youth have made. They certainly notice the difference when leaders are passionate about them and put in the EXTRA EFFORT to make the activities a success rather then ‘going with the flow’ or allowing others to pick up the pieces to make activities work. There is none of that with you guys so thanks Stake YW for just being AWESOME!!!!!!
    Oh and I love the new header too! Took me a while as had to do it in word then paint as we don’t have paintshop pro but all good. Also nothing ever works as simply as it should when you want it too! ;p


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