Wednesday, 23 December 2009

No candles, but he got a cake!

I hate that Aaron's birthday is two days before Christmas. He thinks it is great. He says everyone is happy and in a good mood and the excitement just builds as it's his birthday, then the next day Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Day.

He is definitely just like a little kid on his birthday and at Christmas, picking out what he wants for his birthday months in advance. Ages ago he raved on and on about the new Beatles Rockband game that just came out for the Wii. When I met Aaron I was really surprised as to how much he loved The Beatles and he still does now. I told him the only way he could get it was if he bought it and put it away for his birthday, so it has been sitting under Kobe's cot for months. Every now and then he would pull out the box to admire it and dream about when he could finally use it.

He was excited to finally be able to get it out to have a play today. The boys joined him for a few songs. I personally don't see what is so great about it and would get bored with it very quickly (just like I do with Guitar Hero), but Aaron seems like he is in heaven and has been loving playing it all day.

Everything is finally catching up with Kobe after two late nights and no day sleeps. Today he crawled up on Aaron to have a bit of a cuddle with him, and within a minute he was sound asleep! Such a nice present for Aaron as it's very rare that Kobe will ever actually sit still and have a cuddle.

Anyone who knows us, knows that Aaron is the cake decorator in the family. He always makes awesome cakes for the boy's birthdays. He often jokes that no one cares about his birthday as he never gets a cake, so I felt bad for him and decided to make him one this year. The boys were joking with me that we should make him a Hannah Montana cake because he just learnt the Hoedown Throwdown with his grade 10s at school. However, I decided to go with his main love in his life (other than his family, his faith and his job) which is of course, Hawthorn!

I had no idea where to even start, but after a little while it started to actually look a bit like the Hawks logo. It was very stressful and I realised why I always leave the cake decorating up to him! I did threaten to throw in in the bin half way through, but Aaron was just thrilled that I had actually made him a cake and kept telling me that he loved it.

We were so unorganised that we couldn't even find any candles. Harri was disappointed that we couldn't put 37 candles on his cake for him, but at least this year he finally got a cake :)


  1. Great cake Lisa!!

    Happy Birthday Aaron.

  2. Aaron may get demoted with his cakes, if you make them that well. You can buy AFL cake toppers, so I am impressed that you went the full hog! That's a sweet photo of Kobe napping. Looks like he had a good day. Happy birthday Aaron from all of us Watson's.

  3. That is a very cool cake - we usually go with the toppers like Nicki suggested - will have to come to you next year!

  4. Excellent cake Lee.
    If you had put candles on it, the fire alert would have had to be updated to catastrophic.
    Poor Kobe must be worn out, because he likes his 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon.
    I bet you are thinking "It's been a hard day's night" LOL.
    I crack myself up.
    Hope the boy had a good day.

  5. Happy Birthday to Aaron..
    That cake actually looks surprisingly awesome!

  6. Oh no way - I couldnt just do a topper - I would never live it down!! I had to do something to impress Aaron and it worked :)

  7. Makayla - what do you mean 'surprisingly'!! I told you I can cook! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Aaron! Its a good thing that he likes his birthday being so close to Christmas because I don't think most people would!

    That cake ROCKS! It really is so cool, even Jaron looked over my shoulder and said how awesome it is!

    Tell me how you got your icing so white? Mine always ends up a bit yellowy...did you use butter? Spill your culinary secrets...

  9. You did a great job! I think you should take over the cake decorating.

    Happy birthday Aaron!

  10. Toni!!! Two words for you - Betty Crocker!!! :) We used to make our own icing but then one year Aaron was over cakes so we decided to just buy the Betty Crocker tubs of already mixed up icing - you can get it in white or chocolate. Now we just buy the white and colour it with food colouring - SO much easier :)

    think you should put that on recipe Monday! ;)

  11. That is a GREAT cake Lisa - I'm very very impressed! Might have to order one for Micks next birthday! lol

  12. Oh.. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!! (how rude was I to forget that?!!!!!)

  13. How funny, The Beatles, who would have though! They look very professional the band. Loved the cake Lisa looked very professional. Maybe you could try one for the Young Women's camp with the torch logo on it!

  14. Cool Cake Lisa!!! but i have to mention that the Birthday Boy has an even COOLER t-shirt
    Has aaron gave ya next year's list yet???

  15. Personally the cake is a little sad, well the logo anyways.


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