Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Like It Like That

Jalen has had the best year at school this year. He is in a grade 3/4 and he has loved his teacher Miss Wells so much. He was just saying the other day that it has been his 'best' year so far and he wishes she was his teacher next year. She really pushes the ones who need extending, but is also great with those who are struggling. Tonight we went along to the Punchbowl Primary School's 'Celebration' evening. It is a great night with all the different music groups performing, slideshow presentations, a PE performance and the awards for the grade 6 leavers. They always finish it off with a very funny song written about the teachers. Mum and Dad came along to see it tonight as Jay was performing in the Primary choir and also doing a very special dance with his class.

The best thing about the year is that Jay's teacher makes school so much fun. It's so fun walking into her classroom as they always have a CD blaring in the morning with the latest songs going and she is always teaching them new dance moves. The most amazing thing is to see all the boys in her class up and dancing and having a great time together. You can see it just bring the class together as they all want to get to school early so they can hang out and dance together.

A couple of months ago Jay came home very excited, saying they were going to learn a new dance and were going to present it at the 'Celebration Evening'. Last year we went to the Celebration Evening and by far the best part of the night was Miss Wells class doing their dance, so were so excited to hear that Jalen's class were also going to be doing one.

For month and months we have heard the Guy Sebastian song 'Like It Like That' as Jay has practiced and practiced and practiced it at home. The class have been practicing almost every day for a month or so and it was so exciting to watch them tonight. It's amazing to think that they are just a grade 3/4 class as they did it so well. The best thing was seeing how much fun they had. They started off pretending they were all playing at the beach.

Then once the music started they all got into line and did some awesome choreographed moves.

One of Jay's best friends, Katherine is in front of him in the red dress.

Check it out! It's hard to see Jalen as Aaron videoed it so the whole class could be seen the whole time, but you can still see the great moves they did. Jay over on the right hand side in the second row, and the one who runs out to pick up Katherine after she does the splits.


  1. `No pic's off Miss Wells!!! i think she will be glad about that..:)

  2. Looks like a great class. What talent as well! Glad I could see it.

  3. Well I loved it just like that.
    They all did such a great dance for being so young. It was nice to see everyone doing it all together as we have watched it for weeks Jae doing it solo.
    I am really proud of him, and I wish I had great teachers like Jae has.
    Love Mum.

  4. So cool.
    She must be an awesome teacher if the kids still like her at the end of the year...

  5. I think I've said this before but Punchbowl sounds like the most "awesomest school"!!!

  6. Tone - Jay loved her more and more as the year went on as she kept pulling out more and more fun things for them to do. He has progressed a lot this year.

    Simone - Punchbowl is an awesome school. We are so lucky that the boys go to such a great public school. It's small which is nice and it now has beautiful new buildings and the staff are awesome. Last night just reminded me again of what a great school it is with all the different things they did at the 'celebration evening'.

  7. oh and Lisa - Miss Wells was too busy signing autographs! ;) Will have to get a photo before the end of next week.

  8. Well done Jalen! Any teacher who can get 10 year old boys up and dancing has my vote!

  9. I read this post this morning without signing in and have had this song in my head ALL day!!
    Go Jalen, that looks like SO much fun!!!


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