Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Not having fun at the beach

Anyone who knows Kobe, knows that he is totally obsessed with The Wiggles. They sing a song 'Having Fun at the Beach' and that definitely wasn't the case today for Kobe. We knew a lot of our friends from church were going to be staying at Bridport this week, and the weather is so nice at the moment (was 31 degrees at 6 pm for those mainlanders who are questioning whether we were hot as it was 23 degrees - CHRISH!!), so we thought we would join them for a day at the beach.

We arranged for Di and Alison to both do 'In Home Support' with Noah so that they could do a shift changeover where they work for half an hour together. We thought that would give us a day at the beach without worrying about Noah and also he could have a bath as they could do a two person lift to get him in and out of the bath together. He has put on so much weight it's now impossible to lift him on your own and the hoist doesn't fit in the bathroom.

We got to Bridport just before lunch and were excited for Kobe to see the beach as he wouldn't remember it from last year. As soon as Aaron put his feet on the sand he started screaming!

He refused to walk on the sand and kept pulling his feet off and crying. We were at the beach for about 5 hours and the whole time he just kept grizzling and wouldn't move off our laps.

We would slowly try to get his feet into the sand and he was okay until he realised and then he would pull them back up and start crying as he didn't want the sand on his feet!

In the end we put his crocs back on and put up our sunshade tent which he wasn't 100% happy in, but much happier to be off the sand. He didn't mind coming into the water - as long as I held onto him the whole time. I would dip his feet in and at first he would smile and start getting excited, but if I put him in any deeper he would pull his legs back up and try to crawl up my side.

Despite Kobe being a misery guts (it probably didn't help that he isn't feeling great - he vomited last night) Jay and Harri both had lots of fun playing together, and with their cousins.

It was such a beautiful day and nice to sit in the sun and catch up with the girls - a big change from us working out together at the gym every morning :)

Most of them are staying down all week until New Years Day. We would've loved to have stayed too, but we figure it is way easier to just be home with Noah and also Kobe.

To top Kobe's happy day off, we went up to see where everyone was staying. Kobe was playing in the van with the door open and attempted to get out on his own, and face planted straight into the gravel road. He of course screamed and has major cuts and scrapes all over his face now. He settled down pretty quick and was happy enough tonight. It's not going to be pretty for a while though :(

We were looking forward to a 'break' and a day where we wouldn't have to worry about Noah and whether he was happy or needing feeds, meds or suctioning, but on the way home Aaron and I were both saying how much we missed him and wished he was actually with us. It just didn't feel right without him. Kobe was so cute and gave him a big kiss before bed tonight.

Hopefully Kobe will get used to the beach like he did with the bucket at the aquatic centre as we have a lot more time to spend at the beach before summer is over!


  1. Goodness me! Poor Kobe! :)

    You'll find it funny to know that Noah and I watched 'The Singles Ward' this afteroon. Well, Noah slept, and I watched it. Pretty funny! :)

    For such a gorgeous day at the beach, it's a shame that it was a bit of a grumbly one!

  2. Well all I can say is that Kobe Kobe is just like his mother!!!
    You hated having your feet in the sand when you were tiny. I had to hold you the whole time, and when I would start to lower you down to the sand, you would practically climb on to my shoulder.
    Poor Kobe sounds like he had a miserable day all around.
    Are you using the air-conditioner for Noah?
    Was it really 31 degrees ?
    I am loving it, but it would have been nice to go for a swim.

  3. My word, I was looking at your blog again because all your photos hadn't come up the first time.
    Poor little Kobe, that must have been a really nasty fall.
    Poor little man, I really feel for him. Hope the holidays pick up for you all. Love Mum.

  4. Oh no! When you told me earlier that Kobe grazed his face I didn't think it would be that bad!! He looks terrible! Poor little man.

    I'm sure he will get better each time you go to the beach though - mine do.

  5. Oh Alison - that is funny!!! There were probably a lot of jokes that would've gone over your head as they are to do with some of the 'culture' at church - like the girls name was 'Molly' which is a nick name we give to girls that seem perfect ' Molly Mormon' etc. It IS funny though.

    Yeah Mum - supposedly it was 31 but it may have been hotter earlier on. Lucky for Noah (and Di and Alison) he was home with the a/c going.

  6. Oh poor Kobe! Luckily they recover better than us. Are you going to St helens this year?

  7. Haha, I understood most of it, actually! It seems I've caught on to a lot of little things since I have stacks of Mormon friends ;)

  8. Alison - that is funny! Glad you got the jokes as it's funny even if you don't get the little ones they stick in there, but way funnier (sorry - probably shouldn't say that grammer nazi!) if you catch onto the little jokes they constantly make.

  9. Poor Kobe... I hope it heals quickly and easily. Man, that water is just looking so good - I WANT TO GET IT!

  10. I remember Kobe loved the beach a year ago. I have empathy for the little guy for having one of those days where it starts off bad and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Hopefully he's a lot happier and healthier now.

  11. oh and yep, Kylie! We are going to St Helens - going to be fun with Kobe huh! :(

  12. far out Kobe!!!! Thats a beauty! Hattie is our worst for stuff like that! And then Rowan stabbed her toe with a knife on Christmas eve which was fun..... accident prone kids!!! Chels


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