Saturday, 5 December 2009

East Ward Christmas Party

Tonight we had our Christmas party for church. It was a beautiful night for it which was lucky as it was planned to be outside at the Honey's home. The boys had been looking forward to it for weeks as they had been practicing a song in Primary to sing. It was the Aussie 12 Days of Christmas. Harri has been singing it flat out for weeks and was excited to finally perform it.

That was until he realised there were going to be dogs at the party. Since being barked at from behind by a huge big dog who was about to attack him, he has been petrified of dogs ever since. He freaked out as soon as we got there. He would calm down and be okay, but then as soon as a dog would come towards him he would start screaming again. In the skit he was the 'devil' (suits Harri perfectly!) and we were telling him that devils aren't scared of dogs, but he wasn't buying it!

The skit was very cute and funny - especially as Aaron was a last minute fill in and was the '5 kangaroos hopping' and had to hop each time they sang it.

Noah was 'Kookaburra in a wheelchair'.

Jalen was 'seven possums playing' (a computer game!).

We had a BBQ tea and then the rest of the night everyone enjoyed sitting around chatting, while the kids and youth had rides on the 4 wheeler and the billy carts.

Jay loved having a turn on the little billy cart.

Thank goodness he didn't want to go on the big one that our ward used in the Billy Cart Challenge. It's way too scary for my liking - especially as they were headed straight for the dam.

Bronwen cracked us up as she decided to go down the hill on her scooter. She was making noises all the way down like they were making on the billy cart - she kept yelling 'whooo!', 'this is so bumpy!' etc.

Kobe had lots of fun. I had to drag him away from the hill many times to save him getting run over by a billy cart or two!

During the party Kristen came out of hospital with her brand new baby, Levi. He is only two days old and so tiny and cute.

Towards the end of the night everyone had a go at ice blocking. Jay thought it was so fun.

Kylie, Carol, Sam and I decided that the kids shouldn't have all the fun and decided to have a go as well. This photo cracks me up so much - check out Kylie with her legs in the air. Harri was laughing all the way home about it, as she lost her shoe.

I hadn't done ice blocking for years and was very scared - especially as I only had thongs on.

I did a 360 and ended up on my back but luckily I didn't get hurt.

Not like Aaron who was a bit worse for wear after his tumble (must be because he's getting old! ;)

It was a really fun night and luckily we all came home in one piece!


  1. ohhh that's so funny, how fast do the ice blocks go???? And Im with you on not going on the billy cart ... that dam at the end would scare me away!

  2. Is that last sentence a Christmas-y/Church-y play on words??? ;) ;) ;)

    Looks awesome. And Jim looks as proud as punch to have a son! :)

    The verification word is 'unclies' but it looks like it says 'undies'. I'm sure your undies were wet!

  3. Alison - I saw your comment and had no idea what you were talking about. Then I was reading my post again and realised I had spelt 'peace' wrong and when I came to the comments again I realised what you were talking about!

    Chels - the ice goes REALLY fast - I had to put my feet down to slow it down and kind of direct where I was going or I would've been very hurt! :)

  4. haha, I thought it was a word play when I read it earlier as well, nice word for this time of year.

    Looks like it was a fun afternoon

  5. oh that looks like so much fun! I want to come to some of your wards activities!!!! Love your last post with Kobe in the bath with clothes and all on too.
    Soooo funny!

  6. Looks like fun! I cant wait to try ice blocking one day!
    Love Kobe getting in the bath with his clothed on, so funny!

  7. Love all your Christmas pics Lisa- so cute! I feel for Harry and his fear for dogs! Our girls are a little like that - they played with some puppies and pet a dog at a friends house about a month ago - first time ever!!! (I was proud lol) It's hard though because if the dog barks and is twice their size - you can understand why they get a bit scared. Anyway - your activities always look like so much fun - its great to see!

  8. I am so inviting myself next year!! That looked awesome. Hallie would have been right into the 4-wheelers. Those pics of u and Kylie having a spill cracked me right up. :)


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