Saturday, 27 June 2009

Noah's Pool Party

With the new Launceston Aquatic opening it is the perfect place to go rain, hail or shine. Kobe's party that was planned for the Bike Centre was a wash out, so we didn't want to risk it again with Noah's birthday. Instead we decided that it would be fun to have a family party and all go swimming at Launceston Aquatic together.

We planned it for the afternoon as Noah has a habit of sleeping until after lunch and being awake until very late and we wanted him to be awake so he could enjoy it. Aaron spent the morning making his cake while listening to Michael Jackson CDs. Aaron was a huge Michael Jackson fan in the 80s so was inspired to listen to him all morning. The boys cracked us up as they both came out with their MJ hats on and did a few dance moves for us!

In the afternoon we met everyone at the pool. It was fun seeing how excited the kids were and how much fun they were having. Supposedly Chloe was so excited all week and kept saying she needed to get her swimmers out. This morning she asked if it was time for Noah's party and Steph told her it was in the afternoon - after Kobe had a sleep. She then kept asking 'has Kobe had his sleep yet!?'.

As usual Kobe wasn't too sure at first. The noise of the bucket freaks him out for a bit and he started shivering after about 5 minutes in the pool! We kept going from the hydrotherapy pool to the kids pools to warm him up.

Mum ran around with the kids and had a great time. It was nice having Mum and Dad there as they are always such a great help with the kids, and the kids love having them there to play with too, although Dad (and Jared!) were party poopers and were happy to sit and watch.

Noah swam for about 45 minutes which was great as he was really awake and happy in the water. It's amazing how loose his body becomes as he is swished around in the warm water.

We then got him dressed and he sat with Dad and watched what was going on for the rest of the time.

It was a really fun afternoon and a nice way to celebrate Noah's birthday - especially as he got to enjoy it as well. Afterwards we came home to our house for party food and cake. As usual Aaron did a great job on the cake.

Dad's birthday is also the same day as Noah's. I feel bad for him as he seems to get a bit forgotten as Noah steals the limelight away! We hope you had a good birthday too, Dad. Tomorrow is Chrish's birthday, and all the June birthdays will be over. We hope you have a great birthday Chrish! Wish we were with you to help you celebrate.


  1. I can see a 'family tradition' coming up every year for Noah's birthday celebrated at The Aquatic Centre.
    It was even better than you said.I had a fantastic time with the kids.
    I was surprised how our little girls loved the water slides especially the tunnel.
    Kelsea surprised me with how daring she got at the end, with her just leaping in to the pool with out a care. I had to race to get to the other end of the pool to catch her.It was lovely to see the girls hugging and kissing in the water together, and to hear their giggles.
    Jae and I had a 'deep and meaningful' about Michael Jackson, and Harri was just Harri, and he is so lovable.
    I think we should have a pool party in January also to cover that month for birthdays.
    Thank you for a wonderful day.
    Love Mum.

  2. What a great day! We have a lot of June birthday's too, although there's so many of us now all the months are filling up! Great cake Aaron - I'm glad Noah had such a great day.

  3. I'm surprised Aaron hasn't done a post on Michael Jackson yet?! It was heaps of fun at the pool, a great way to celebrate Noah's birthday. It's a good thing we had some party poopers to watch all our stuff and put money in the parking meters!

  4. Ha.Ha .Nicki, What happens when Jared sees how much fun it is?
    Oh, that is right, your father will never get wet,so we will always have someone to watch everything.
    I had such a great time, but I am paying for it today.
    Went to sleep on the couch in front of the fire, and woke up more tired than when I fell to sleep, and now I have a sore throat.
    It was a lot of fun though.
    Love Mum.

  5. what a great idea!! Love the pic of you all chillin' in the pool! can't wait to come check out the new aquatic centre! Great cake making Aaron!

  6. sounds like a fun day to celebrate Noah's birthday. Happy birthday to you Noah!
    The movie you made him was awesome...except that it made me teary. what a special part of your family he is.
    The number 8 cake looks great!


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