Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It's fun with one

This morning Jalen's friend, Rani rang him up to see if he wanted to go to the beach with him for the day. Of course he did and when they arrived to pick him up they asked him if he also wanted to have a sleepover at his house. He was very excited and got packed up really quickly to go and spend the night. We had planned on taking the boys to the Gorge for a swim this afternoon since the weather is so nice, so we decided to still take Harri on his own. Di was doing In Home Support with Noah and said she was happy to have Kobe home while he was having a nap.

It was so nice to go out with just Harri on his own. Jay and Harri are best of friends, but they are typical brothers and also fight and niggle at each other all day. When Harri is on his own he is a dream. He was so happy to have us to himself for the afternoon.

We were very impressed that the Gorge had lifeguards - it is the first time we have ever seen them at the Gorge before.

We thought we would try out the inclinator for the first time.

It's a really nice view from up on the deck.

Harri was very excited about riding down to the pool. Aaron was especially excited about it as it means we can use it with Noah while he's in his wheelchair. It will be a lot easier, not having to push him all the way back up the hill to the carpark.

After a swim we went for a little walk around to the swinging bridge.

I got to wear my new skirt that I won in Toni's mega giveaway for the first time today. Thanks so much Tone - I LOVE it! It was lovely to wear on this lovely warm day.

Harri took some photos as we were walking. He was cracking all the tourists up as they were walking past as he was being so professional about it. I would tell him to wait so they could walk past and they were all like 'oh no - it's okay' as they loved watching him trying to set up a good shot.

I told him to get one of us kissing and he took this one and then looked at it on the camera and said 'oh that's horrible!!'. Jalen is obviously rubbing off on him as he's now at the age where anything to do with girls and kissing is just discusting.

It was a lovely quiet afternoon with just Harri to hang out with. Aaron said as we were walking that it's 'fun with one' and said how it's busy and not relaxing at all when we are out with the four of them together. We decided we need to take the boys out for more time one on one (or one on two) more often. Hopefully with lots more days of summer holidays until school goes back in early February, we will get the chance to do it a little bit.


  1. It is fun with one - I agree! That pool in the first few picks really make me feel like going for a swim. The weather looks SO nice.... hope it stays that way for a couple of months now!

  2. We were also at the Gorge today, the water was lovely! Perhaps we will see you next time. :)

  3. oh the good old Gorge.... Launnie sure has the besttourist spot with that hey???? might not have sand but who wants to unload sand from everything when you get home tracks everywhere.
    Yes i know ..i really do love the beach..but i guess when it is not as close as the Gorge ..then the Gorge will have to do!!!!
    the is a real Romeo and Juliette kiss & on a scale of guessing that was a 10..Whoooo

  4. oh Anna - sorry we missed each other! We ran into Jim and Kristen - we were up there about 2.30-after 4.

  5. We went up for a walk last week and tried out the inclinator and I thought how much easier it would be for you now. I read in the paper, that they are going to look at getting it open past 5pm in the Summer. Apparently someone in a wheelchair used it to get down, and then when they were leaving after 5pm it was closed!

  6. ahh, all the beach and hot weather photos are great.
    so funny about the 'disgusting' kissing photos Harri took.
    I'm glad you both were able to spend one on one time with Harri.

  7. Good shots Harri!!!
    It was a perfect day, and it would be nice to take the boys out and give them all your attention.
    Harri is a dream child when he is by himself , I understand about how they can get under each other's skin when they are together sometimes.
    Love Mum.

  8. Skirt looks great Lisa! Looks like a really fun afternoon.

    Does it cost to use the inclinator? Sounds really cool!

  9. Tone - the inclinator is free. We actually started freaking out a bit as we were stuck in there with two American tourists and were going nowhere for a couple of minutes!! Thought we would be stuck in there for ages. We had to get out, open the gate and get back in for it to start working. It would be good for wheelchairs and older people and people like us who wanted a bit of fun for the day! :)

  10. The weather is so nice at the moment!! I bet harri had a great day...he seems like a real character. BTW I love your new header.

  11. what is the inclinator? far out launnie! i'll have to check it out!
    great pics harri!

  12. Collette!!! Launnie is going up in the world hey - first the aquatic centre and now the inclinator! It's basically just like a lift that is outside and you step into it and it goes down the hill - you walk from the car park along the flat path up the top and there is a viewing deck and the inclinator which is free and runs from 9-5pm. It can fit 8 people (or less if you have a pram or wheelchair) and takes you down to 3 different levels - you can stop at the cafe on the way down or go right down to the bottom near the toilets. Then there is a ramp to walk down to the grass area. It's for all the oldies, and those with disabilities to make access to the gorge easier. Aaron is excited he no longer has to push Noah up that huge hill back to the car park as it puts us off taking him to the Gorge. Harri thought it was great fun.

  13. How fun! Love your new summery blog! Nice to see your face in the header! :) (Even if you are kissing Aaron!!!)

  14. Sounds amazing! I'm def. gonna check it out next week!

  15. We took Charlotte on the new inclinator today and it was sooo much easier. The first time we went to use it was just after 6 and it was closed, which was silly as it only is open between 9 and 5. People in wheelchairs are not supposed to go out in the early evening!


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