Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Harri's Turn

We've had so much end of year stuff going on at the boys schools, and yesterday was finally Harri's turn. Last week he came home with a note saying that all the parents were invited to hear the class sing, and for a class party. He was sooooo excited and when we picked Aaron up from work one day he straight away said 'Dad - you can come to my class party on Tuesday!!'.

Aaron reminded him he would be at work and he burst into tears saying that he wanted him to come to his party as the parents could come and he 'wuved him'. We explained that not all the parents would be there as some have to work, but I would be able to come with Kobe, which he was happy about.

For days we heard the songs they would be singing, as Harri gave us a 'sneak preview'. By the time it was time for him to perform with his class we were just about over 'ring those bells and turn around!' ;)

Kobe decided he wanted to join in on the fun and went over and sat with Harri and his class.

He even went over to the bucket of bells and helped himself to some.

Harri's Kinder teacher has had Jalen, Noah and now Harri in her Kinder class. She is a great teacher and always puts together a lovely folder and photos of the boys work throughout the year. Harri was so excited to give it to me. It's so fun to see how they write their name in each term, and how much they improve throughout the year.

The kids had a lovely time at their party. It was nice to spend some time with Harri's class as it seems like I haven't got to spend much time in there this year. It's going to be so strange having him to go school full time next year, and just have Kobe home everyday.


  1. Harri looks so grown up sitting on the floor with his class. Can't believe you are only going to have Kobe home next year.

  2. Won't be long and Kobe will be the one giving the concert!

  3. It looks like Harri has one of "my" kids in his class! Is that Isaac?

  4. yep - that would be Issac Kylie.

  5. I love the cheesey grin as he hands you the folder. It's like a 'hurry up and take the photo grin so I can get back to my friends.

    I'm excited to be where you were at the beginning of the year, next year with Oliver.


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