Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Kobe is absolutely obsessed with The Wiggles. We recently got him the new Wiggles DVD called 'Hot Popping Popcorn'. It's all about the circus and shows them doing lots of acrobatics including somersaults.

One day he was watching it and decided to copy them and started to do somersaults. Since then he hasn't stopped! He will do them randomly at anytime of the day, anytime, anywhere! Today we went to Rivers and all of a sudden he was doing somersaults up the aisle!


  1. Oh boy little Kobester you are SO clever!!
    Of course i have already seen you do this in real life- you did it when your mum was out of the room, smacked yourself on the cabinet and blamed it on me! ;) Love you Kobe!

  2. That is so cute! I can just picture him in Rivers.

  3. That's hilarious - you'll have to join him up for circus classes!

  4. What talent he has! Mum says he somersaults as a ploy to get himself out of trouble- Ha ha. You'll have to enroll him in Kindergym, that is if you've got time.

  5. Look at him strutting his skinny little white body. Did he go on for that long in Rivers? Lachie has just started to do somersaults, though only one at a time and thankfully not while we are shopping.

  6. Kobe does somersaults anytime, anywhere! Usually he gets out of the bath and runs into the lounge room with a towel around him and then does a somersault - towel and all. He is a funny thing. He only did a few somersaults in Rivers, but Harri thought it was hilarious!


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